What To Choose For A Telemedicine App Development: A Readymade Or Custom Solution

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26 Feb 2021

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26 Feb 2021

Are you a private practitioner dreaming of a personalized application? A small clinic looking to increase patient loyalty and accessibility of remote healthcare through their telemedicine application? Or maybe you are from a medical tech startup looking for an inexpensive solution for market testing? Great, this article is for you! At Azoft, we develop custom solutions from scratch and ready-made out-of-the-box products for quick and inexpensive adaptation for small and medium-sized businesses. In this article, we will tell you how you can launch your telemedicine app using a minimum of resources.

Development methods and their features

There are two ways to develop IT products:

  • to start quickly with an out-of-the-box solution
  • to build a product from scratch

Who benefits from buying a ready-made solution, and who needs custom development from scratch? Let’s figure it out.

When choosing one of these options, determine whether your app needs to perform standard or non-trivial tasks. Look for similar solutions on the Internet. If you need to manage an online doctor’s appointment and a database of patients, save medical record history, conduct video consultations, then it will be much cheaper and faster to use a ready-made solution. If you want to develop an analog of Doctor On Demand or Lemonaid, then you will require an individual approach, detailed analytics, and development from scratch.

Let’s consider the key parameters of each of the listed solutions:

Telemedicine app development - custom vs readymade solution


Primu.online, an out-of-the-box solution for telemedicine

Who is Primu.online for?

Initially, we developed our solution for private practitioners only. But in the process of market research, we found out that the telemedicine application is also interesting for small clinics and startups.

Telemedicine app development


What the application can do

We have implemented key functionality that can be changed and refined to suit your business requirements. Let’s see the functionality from the point of view of each user.

The digital doctor’s office allows you to:

  • create and set up a personal account
  • manage work schedule
  • integrate it with the clinic’s information system
  • receive notifications of new bookings or patient cancellations
  • see registered patients in the doctor’s database
  • conduct a remote video consultation
  • edit the patient’s medical record

пример работы приложения

The digital patient room allows you to:

  • choose a doctor, follow the unique link to the profile of the required specialist and register in the system
  • manage your personal profile
  • manage an online appointment with a doctor: independently make an appointment and cancel consultations, as well as send reasons for requests
  • receive reminders of an upcoming consultation
  • contact the doctor online
  • manage a medical record where you can store the entire medical history


Next, we plan to develop an online payment module, personal chat, and also integrate medical records with medical IoT devices.

Implementation possibilities

Our out-of-the-box solution can be refined and branded for individual business requirements both with our development team or independently. For example, our customer from Germany plans to integrate a chatbot into our solution and localize an application for the German market.

We offer several options for cooperation:

  • SaaS: the developer has both the data and the server
  • boxed solution: the server with all the data belongs to the customer
  • individual development from scratch

Interested in custom telemedicine app development from scratch or using a readymade product? Contact a medtech specialist Ekaterina for advice or a demonstration of a ready-made solution, in Telegram @Smal_Kate or email at medtech@azoft.com


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