by Alena Terentyeva 5 Feb 2021

EdTech Trends That Will Rule 2021

The need for online learning products continues to grow at an increasingly fast rate. Holoniq, an education analytics company, expects education technology spending to reach $404 billion by 2025. ...
by Anna Protopopova 2 Feb 2021

Forecast For 2021: Mobile Development Trends

Azoft has been involved in mobile development since 2002. During this period of time, we can’t help noticing that the demand for mobile apps is increasing. According to Statista, in 2019 there ...
by Anna Protopopova 29 Jan 2021

How To Use Fintech Trends 2021 To Improve Your Business

Statistics show that in 2020, 64% of consumers worldwide used at least one fintech platform, compared to 33% in 2017. Clearly, the popularity of fintech has doubled, so we should take advantage ...
by Alena Terentyeva

MedTech Trends To Follow In 2021

Even before the pandemic, the medical field has been attracting investors from many domains including banks, IT giants, and retailers. However, due to the pandemic, the urgency of investing in ...
by Alena Terentyeva 26 Jan 2021

Top UX/UI Design Trends In 2021

Where will the UX/UI design trends take us in 2021? How can we leverage them to make products useful to the users? To find out, we spoke with our lead designer, Evgeniya, who studied what is ...
by Alena Terentyeva 25 Jan 2021

Web Development Trends To Follow In 2021

Now is the perfect time to recall the past year and talk about trends that will define the future of web development. Dive into this article to learn the top 5 web development trends to keep an ...
by Irina Pryadokhina 22 Jan 2021

UX Design Process: How To Create A User-Friendly Interface

Hello, I am Irina, an analyst at Azoft. During my career at Azoft I collected and analyzed user requirements for projects such as a start-up for the selection of housing for pensioners in the ...

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