by Anna Protopopova 19 Jan 2021

Key IT Trends of 2021

Next year, Elon Musk plans on creating a system of high-speed transport tunnels throughout the US as well as solar roofs generating energy. Companies around the world are developing flying cars ...
by Anna Protopopova 18 Dec 2020
Project Management

Minimum Viable Product: Survival Guide

To launch a new series, directors shoot a pilot episode that has all the "basic settings". Feedback from the audience about the episode’s plot, characters and atmosphere allows creators to ...
by Alena Terentyeva 27 Nov 2020
Project Management

What You Need to Know about Product Life Cycle Stages

The development of a successful product is a complex, multi-step process. In movies, we see images of budding businessmen coming up with a ground-breaking idea while sipping coffee from ...
by Anna Prokopyeva 18 Sep 2020

How We Estimate Analytics and Design Services

Clients often turn to Azoft with ideas for interesting projects. However, they are not always sure whether it is possible to effectively bring their ideas to life, whether these ideas are well ...
by Alena Terentyeva 3 Aug 2020
Project Management

Stages of Software Development at Azoft

When both the contractor and the client are on the same page about the software development process, it is easier to achieve project success. The client gets what he expected and the contractor ...

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