by Alena Terentyeva 18 Sep 2020

How We Estimate Analytics and Design at Azoft

Clients often turn to Azoft with ideas for interesting projects. However, they are not always sure whether it is possible to effectively bring their ideas to life, whether these ideas are well ...
by Alena Terentyeva 3 Aug 2020
Project Management

Stages of Software Development at Azoft

When both the contractor and the client are on the same page about the software development process, it is easier to achieve project success. The client gets what he expected and the contractor ...
by Ivan Ozhiganov 29 Jun 2020

Drones For Business: Why And How To Develop Them

Drones do more than just shoot beautiful videos during travels and other memorable events. They deliver parcels, monitor objects, and can even replace people on deadly missions. Read this article ...
by Anna Prokopyeva 29 May 2020

What To Consider When Developing Healthcare Applications

What should you consider before medical software development? Keep reading to learn 5 core tips and some of our ideas about the MedTech market.  According to a report from the World Bank and WHO, ...
by Ivan Ozhiganov 16 Apr 2020

How Neural Networks Recognize Speech-to-Text

Gartner experts say that by 2020, businesses will automate conversations with their customers. According to statistics, companies lost up to 30% of incoming calls because call center employees ...

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