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  • Mobile Development


    Azoft company develops custom mobile apps for iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad.


    Android development is one of the main specialties within Azoft's mobile department.

    Windows Phone

    Azoft services include development of custom Windows Phone applications.


    Our expertise includes development of advanced hybrid, HTML5 and mobile web applications.

  • Business Automation

    Custom CRM

    We provide custom CRM solutions with complete ERP integration for various industries.

    Custom ERP

    Azoft services include development of complex back-end systems, such as ERP.

    Order Management

    Development & integration of custom software for transportation, telecom, financial industries.

    Data Migration

    Azoft company offers secure data migration services for telecom and other industries.

  • Web Development

    Java Development

    We have been providing Java development services since the day our company was founded.

    PHP Development

    Azoft employs a team of experienced developers building robust and secure PHP applications.

    Ruby on Rails Development

    Effectiveness of Ruby on Rails allows us to deliver projects faster without compromising the quality.

    Front-end Development

    Azoft front-end developers are always focused on making elegant UI for your website or application.

  • Azoft Clients

    • Alex Asianov
      Initially, Azoft's professionalism, experience, and reasonable rates were the reasons why we chose to work with this company. We also liked that Azoft is located in the middle of an academic center, so their staff is very well qualified.
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    • Edward J. Forman
      I have been managing development teams for over 35 years, some as direct employee teams and some as outside teams, and the team Azoft provided is clearly among the best I have ever used
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    • Frank Hayes
      Azoft is very easy to work with and explicitly follows our users requirements with good page and work flow design. We have a relationship for 7 years and have been most pleased.
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    • JC Lambert
      I think that the major thing is that basically, the team was quick to understand our activity and this is important because, of course, we are technical people, but on the other hand we also need to understand how technology can help the business
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Anna Orlova , at Blog
If you take a look at the data compiled by Statista predicting that five billion people will be using mobile phones by 2017, it becomes shocking to imagine the huge audience you could potentially be losing just because your out-of-date site fails to display information attractively on a smartphone or tablet.
Ozhiganov Ivan , at R&D
Our recent research on credit card number recognition using an iPhone camera consists of four stages: card image capturing, text area detection, splitting the detected text into four blocks with digits, and finally the digits recognition. We use Sobel operator and Hough Line Transform method during the image capturing stage and the method of strokes in the splitting stage.
Alexandra Seremina , at Blog
Today, going mobile is one of the key strategies — especially when it comes to driving business growth and employee productivity improvement. We've collected some 'going mobile do's and dont's' we've learnd along the way and share some examples to illistrate how mobile business process automation really works.
Anna Orlova , at Blog
Before hiring a mobile development team and beginning the development process, it is important not to overlook the security of your future application. Confidential information exposure, theft and blackmail are just a few of the unfortunate consequences a poorly designed and implemented mobile app security system can lead to.
Konstantin Kalinin , at Blog
Mobile applications today are used in many different business areas, whether it is for internal corporate use or for providing services to clients. People come up with new concepts and ideas for apps everyday, but how does one ensure that app becomes a success without exceeding the budget and estimated time frame?
Anna Orlova , at Blog
Every drawback in product efficiency, battery and memory consumption can really affect your app’s success. That’s why it is critical to develop well-optimized, smooth running apps that never make Android system guard against them. We will not speak about efficient coding, since it goes without saying that the code you write should stand any performance test. But even brilliant code takes time to run. In today’s post, we’ll talk about how to minimize this time and make apps that users love.
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