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Telehealth Solution Development

How it started

The protagonist of this case is our client who is a neurophysiologist. She works with children who have autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and collects a patient base for her dissertation research. Throughout her career, she coped with her own difficulties surrounding organizational tasks. At times she would get help from administrators as well. Her clients reached out to her through numerous channels including email, Facebook, and the phone. She stored all the data related to appointments in Excel, and kept medical records composed as a pile of folders in Google Drive.

At some point, working with the system became complicated as the doctor had hundreds of patients. As a result, she had to spend hours on organizational issues instead of focusing on her patients. To solve this issue, she turned to Azoft and asked us to automate the routine processes. At that moment, we had been developing a product for private doctors. We knew that existing telemedicine applications don’t give sufficient customization opportunities. Another important concern is that medical professionals receive messages and requests from patients around the clock in various mobile apps and can’t ignore them. This means that they have to adjust the work to the capabilities of third-party telehealth services or take on a huge amount of work. That’s why we decided to create our own platform to automate processes and provide high-quality remote healthcare services.

The solution

We have developed a product for remote care that solves the key administrative tasks of private healthcare providers. Our solution consists of two telemedicine apps, one is for doctors and the other is for patients. Let’s take a closer look at them.

The App for Doctors

Our app allows physicians to focus on patient health issues instead of managing documents and sorting medical records. After registration, medical care professionals can customize their profile. They enter personal information, upload a photo and describe their qualifications. Then, they can set up the details of mobile communication with clients by adding video and text channels, appointment types, the cost and duration of sessions, and other features. Each doctor has a unique nickname that becomes a contact link for patients.

The main features of the app for healthcare professionals are:

  • managing the schedule of video consultations;
  • maintaining digital medical records;
  • creating links for social networks;
  • exchanging media files.


Primu.online is suitable for private practitioners and clinics that want to have their own means of communication with patients. It helps ensure data safety during online consultations. The app helps health professionals retain regular customers and find a new audience, while they independently set up remote interaction with patients.

The App for Patients

This telemedicine software allows patients to receive full-fledged medical services without face-to-face meetings. Users can:

  • make appointments with doctors;
  • manage the schedule of remote consultations;
  • view doctors’ notes;
  • attach photos and files to the electronic medical record;
  • contact doctors via chat or video.

Patients can’t call the doctor until the scheduled consultations starts. However, if necessary, they can ask questions in the chat. Thanks to the wide functionality, doctors can adjust medical treatments or prescribe new ones at any time.


Advantages of our Telehealth Service

  • The separate platform. Unlike marketplaces, doctors don’t have to pay a commission for using the service. Another acute issue is security. Third-party telehealth apps do not always work in accordance with the law. We have worked to ensure the safety of the information of both doctors and clients.
  • Various options for interaction with customers. The first option is SaaS which means that the development company owns the data and the server; we carry out product changes and updates according to our roadmap. If our idea matches your working processes, then this is the cheapest and most profitable model of cooperation. The second option is a boxed solution, which means that the server with all the data belongs to the customer. In this case, we can make changes to the design and add new features. We estimate the cost based on the project requirements. The third option is custom software development. We have been on the market for 20 years and have extensive experience in app development from scratch. This option is suitable for you if you want a custom telehealth app for your specific business processes.
  • Appointment in two clicks. Patients don’t need to waste time on calls and communication with representatives of medical organizations. As for doctors, they can easily check the patient’s profile and confirm the appointment using a mobile application.
  • No lost requests and appointments. Telehealth consultations are recorded in the calendar, and participants receive notifications about them. Each patient is recorded in the system, so their health information is securely stored.
  • SSL-type encryption algorithms for patients and care providers. Users don’t have to worry about security because we protect their personal information. This is especially important for medicine, so we paid special attention to this aspect. The app complies to health information safety standards.
  • Restricted access to unregistered users. Only those who have a profile in the system can fully use it. This is done in order not to waste doctors’ time and reduce the risks of unauthorized access to health data.
  • Saved time on processing health records. If it was an administrator’s task before, now the process is automated. Private doctors or representatives of medical clinics can focus on the treatment process.
  • Access to the app from any device. Users can use computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices to chat or conduct an online consultation. This contributes to a better user experience makes  medical services more accessible to the disabled.

The Result

Our client is currently testing the app and collecting information for research to improve the quality of life of children with ASD and their parents. Our next steps are to integrate  the online payment system and to implement AI to fill out medical records.

We love working on IT solutions that improve the healthcare industry, help heal people, solve complex medical issues, and save lives. The custom telemedicine service Primu.online is one of them. If you also have a business idea that would make medicine more accessible and automate work with patients, contact us. We will be happy to help.

Technology Stack

Java, Spring, PostgreSQL, View, Socket.IO, NodeJS


  • PostgreSQL
  • NodeJS
  • java

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