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Effective Coverage

Custom Insurance Management System for Coverage Company

“Azoft has been great at providing developers to get the job done. The results have been projects that are deployed quickly with few errors.” — Eric Narcisco, CEO of Effective Coverage

The Scope

In August of 2007 Azoft signed a contract with an independent all lines insurance agency that specializes in affording property owners renting their units the possibility to manage their renter’s insurance requirements.

The system requested under the contract included company’s website allowing property owners to list their apartments and require renters to either purchase renters insurance or document that they had purchased it through another insurance provider.

Thus the key objective of the insurance management system was to satisfy the flow of property owners requiring insurance, tenants either purchasing or providing proof of insurance, and insurance managers and brokers engaged in the industry.

The Challenge

The project revealed two main barrier factors. One of them was the complex insurance certificate workflow. Since insurance certificates can expire, being renewed, canceled — if a regular payment was not received — reinstated, etc., the accurate record of an insurance certificate (i.e. when it has started and when will expire with due account for cancellations and renewals) turned quite an unconventional task.

The certificate workflow covers many peculiar processes. For example, when a customer moves from one address, a new certificate with the new address is created. Thus, the customer has two records with identical information — policy number, effective and expiration date — only the address lines are different. With two certificates active, only one of them could be canceled or renewed depending on date.

Another challenge was the initial knowledge and terminology gap between two groups of professionals: the business-oriented customer’s team and the technically-oriented team of Azoft. This caused certain grinding period required to ‘translate’ the essence and specificities of the project from the business language into the technical one and vice versa.

The Solution

Taking into account the intricate business logic of the system to-be-developed, the Azoft team took a strategic decision to try working on the project both onsite and offsite to allow of seamless interaction between the teams involved.

Thus, the flexibility of approaches made it possible to limit the grinding period and communicate effectively further over the development cycle.


Java, PostgreSQL, Spring

The Outcome

Having combined all topnotch technical and advanced management skills, Azoft successfully implemented a complex system that not only met all customer requirements but made it possible to accelerate the development dynamics of the company on the highway of the highly demanding and rapidly evolving insurance industry.

The outside result of the project is the site that renders the impression of a professional, trustworthy and established a company, which treats its customers with professionalism and personalized attention.


  • java

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