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How We Developed an iOS Medical Application

The Client

Our client had to develop an iOS medical application for a medical organization. For this reason, he first hired an Indian developer. The project had a serious chance not to meet the deadline. And the company asked us to overtake the project. We were faced with very tight timeframes as the project should have been finished in 3 days.

The Scope

This iPhone application was planned as a reference library of diseases and their symptoms. The scope of the project was to create the diseases reference library and RSS reader for iPhone that will allow browsing the medical articles on iPhone in PDF format.

The Solution

The mobile app was developed for a medical organization intended to help people suffering from Cancer.

The application is a reference library of articles about cancer. Articles are to browse on iPhone in PDF format. Users can view the articles list on iPhone screen and browse PDF files. Liked articles can be added to favorites and to bookmarks. The application is also equipped with a settings tool and a search function.



The Challenge

The main challenge of the project was a very tight time limit. Besides, there was a lot of things we had to improve in the existing part of the application: memory leaks, crashes, multiple bugs, stability. We made the application code intuitively understandable to ease any further corrections and improvements of the application.

The Outcome

We finished the application on time and in compliance with specifications. We improved the technical part of the application done before us and finished the project according to the initial plan of the customer.

This project gave us an experience of agile development where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional team. We considered pros and cons of this method and we now better know how and when to implement it in our work.


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