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Certificate Exchange

Insurance Certificate Management System: Insurance Issuing and Tracking

The Client

Certificate Exchange provides end users with easy to use insurance certificate management system for certificates of insurance issuing and tracking.

Certificate Exchange hosts a patented platform that allows certificate holders, insurance agents and brokers, insurance companies, and policyholders to issue, manage and renew pools of incoming and outgoing insurance certificates doing this very quickly and easily. Certificate Exchange got patent for its insurance technology in 2008.

The platform encompasses features for vastly different requirements of all size firms and industries and employs governance features to prevent issuance of unauthorized certificates.

There are several re-branded instances of the platform that Certificate Exchange provides to its partners — insurance agencies and brokerages — on white-label terms.

“Azoft is very easy to work with and explicitly follows our users requirements with good page and work flow design. That is extremely important since the users are not experienced and the program must be easy and intuitive.” — Frank Hayes, Certificate Exchange

The Scope

Our team had to port a legacy insurance system to new technologies and provide lossless data migration.

Accomplished in 2005 and patented in 2008 the Certificate Exchange service facilitates issuance of insurance certificates and offers certificate holders, insurance agents and brokers, insurance companies, and policyholders a new and different approach to the time-consuming task of issuing and tracking certificates. The site allows issuing Outgoing and Incoming certificates.

The major goal of the project was to free the system from the very rare and circumscriptive K/KSQL/KDB technology, causing both support problems (due to the fact that very few specialists in the world were familiar with it), and significant development and functionality growth difficulties.

By that time the original team was not able to handle new requests coming from users, and it was next to impossible to find a new Kx specialist. Thus, the system and its users were experiencing a number of negative effects, while the company was suffering from decreased users loyalty and notable income reduction.

The Solution

Deep research of the issue brought both Azoft and the customer to the decision to port the system to a more recognized and conventional technology. Having performed a complex analysis of all factors, the Sun Java technology along with Postgres database was chosen. In favor of the technologies were the cost, performance, and their major distribution at the enterprise market.


Java/J2EE, GWT, GXT, iText, Hibernate, Spring, PostgreSQL

The Outcome

Thanks to the intense research and highly effective development procedure, which included analysis of original legacy system, prototyping, development, data migration as well as several cycles of performance tuning and optimization, the new system built on proven Java 2 SE technologies approached and surpassed the Kx system’s performance. The new system inherited the previous version’s PDF-based document workflow, however, enhanced and simplified by third-party components suggested by our engineers.

The new system was successfully launched in 2005 and patented in 2008. Complete users and data migration finished in 2006 when Azoft signed a new contract for maintenance and further development of the online insurance system, which has an immense potential of functionality to be extended.


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