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Fleet Management Software & GPS Tracking

The Client

Since 1984 Prophesy Transportation Solutions Inc. has been delivering Internet and mobile communication services and software for logistics, transportation, and distribution industries. The company offers advantageous solutions for accounting and purchase optimization, mileage and routing, vehicle maintenance, driver management, etc.

“The Azoft team did an excellent job and we soon expanded the effort to include implementing other vehicle tracking applications for a mobile data terminal and a trailer tracking application for the transportation industry.” — Edward J. Forman, CEO at Prophesy Transportation Software Inc.

The Scope

The project objective was to design fleet management software with mobile, server and GIS web versions with the following features

  • Locating groups of vehicles on full-color, enhanced maps
  • Support for maps provided by ESRI ArcGIS, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, PepperWhite, etc.
  • Prompt alerts on appointments running behind schedule
  • Tracking of vehicles and loads of a company
  • Receiving driver’s mobile check calls from drivers
  • Trip reports creation: distance, speed, fuel management, reverse geocoding
  • Real-time detection of service delays and out-of-route conditions
  • Dispatcher — driver connection, including messaging and data exchange
  • Troubleshooting through reviewing any load from the recent history
  • Reviewing recent history on drivers for a given time period
  • Vehicle breadcrumb trailing (once-a-minute recording of positions).

The Solution

For this project our development team worked closely with the Research and Development department since the challenge implied a huge amount of elaboration, prototyping and testing. This experience was truly valuable. We extended our knowledge base and get a deeper understanding of the GIS systems, which allowed us to satisfy the customer’s requirements and successfully design and develop the solution. The following major functionality was transferred to the web:

  • The most efficient route creation, even for trips with multiple checkpoints, completed with detailed driving instructions.
  • Detailed full color mapping of created routes.
  • Timely alerts on low underpass and commercial vehicle restrictions, bridge heights, road closures, speed limits and toll road avoidance.
  • Trip report generation: time, distance, stops, fuel consolidated by states.
  • Best way, fixed way and round trip optimization methods using air, rating and driving miles options.

Users and Rights Management module was added to enable Prophesy control system usage and load. With Prophesy Mobile Comm, the itineraries are sent directly to driver’s mobile device, which significantly reduces, even eliminates the need for driver-dispatcher voice communication and saves hours of unnecessary phone calls, not to speak of avoiding misunderstanding mistakes and expenses involved.

The Outcome

Prophesy Mobile Comm is the extensive mobile communications solution for transportation and distribution companies. Azoft team designed it from scratch to take care of daily trucking operations eliminating tiresome manual processes that waste both time and money.

This product ensures that the information gathered by mobile communication devices, such as GPS-enabled phones, in-cab devices, and mobile data terminals, is instantly automatically transmitted back to the server and stored for monitoring, analysis and later retrieval, making the work of dispatchers and managers tracking details of scheduled appointments pleasant and easy.

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