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GPS Software Development for the ESRI ArcWeb Service

The Client

Our client ESRI is one of the leading developers of GIS software, who successfully runs their business for more than 30 years and has 220.000 clients worldwide.

The Scope

Develop a J2ME GPS application for submitting POI to ESRI Arcweb and its integration with the ESRI services.

The Solution

The core of this simple yet very useful business application was developed by Azoft in a matter of days. Mobile application gives users the capability to track and manage POI (point of interest). POI positions are submitted by users from their mobile phones to the ArcWeb Service using SOAP. POI could be submitted manually when needed, or automatically as well.

The application has an options menu where the user can set login/password, credentials and a reporting interval. POI records are stored in a table available with the web-based service POI Manager (ESRI ArcWeb Services v.2). The core of this application is mostly based on usage of two main functions, namely the authentication and update location functions of ArcWeb Service. All communications are based on processing SOAP requests.

The Outcome

The created core application will be used to make a lot of simple but useful add-ons for the ESRI business services: Sales Manager add-on to track members of a sales team, Restaurant add-on to track delivery personnel/provide directions, Parents add-on to track teenagers, Recreation add-on, Boat tracking add-on, Remote data logger.


  • java

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