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Loyalty Program Development for TOP #1 Russian Bank

The Client

Sberbank is one of the leading banks in Russia. The bank provides a wide range of services for its customers including retail banking – from traditional deposits and different types of loans and through to bank cards. Cardholders are given the opportunity to participate in the loyalty program “Spasibo from Sberbank”.

The Scope

Azoft won a tender for loyalty program development of a personal account for the members and administrators on the official website bonus-spasibo.ru

The Solution

We developed a complex solution including a web application for the loyalty program participants and a separate web app for administrators. Via a personal account, users get access to the bonus balance, the list of the program’s partners, choice of the specials and also spend their bonuses for the offers they find interesting. Administrators control the data and manage user activities.

Features for Users

  • Authorization
  • Previewing and searching data in the sections of the website: Specials, Partners, About program
  • Sharing information about “Partners” and “Specials” through social networks or Email
  • Previewing information in sections “How to collect bonuses” and “How to spend bonuses”
  • Access to the balance and the status
  • Access to the transaction history
  • Editing a member profile
  • Quick look at the personal offers
  • Ability to accept or reject an offer
  • Working with “Messages”
  • Opportunity to recommend a partner for the program
  • Previewing and filtering Specials in the archive

Features for Administrators

  • Authorization
  • Previewing, editing, and filtering offers in the section “Specials”
  • Managing the section “Partners” including creation and removing categories, adding and deleting partners, and managing the subsection “Requested partners”
  • Managing the section “Personal offers” including the search, filtration, creation and deleting offers
  • Previewing and editing the sections “How to collect bonuses” and “How to spend bonuses”
  • Managing the section “About the program”: editing information and rules, managing the subsection “FAQ”
  • Previewing and editing banners on the main page
  • Transmitting elements on the main page
  • Managing participants including preview, filtering, and blocking
  • Managing messages with an opportunity to look through and create messages and mailing
  • Access to the statistic data about a website use
  • Control over the administrators and their roles with opportunity to add or remove some of them
  • Managing website settings

The Challenge

The loyalty program of Sberbank is targeted at a multi-million strong audience. Due to this large number of participants, it was quite difficult to foresee the potential system load and include it in the final software solution. In fact, we had to build a system which scaled to any loads. We designed a system that provides an opportunity to distribute the load generated by users between different web-servers. When we run the system, the implemented functionality allowed us to create the system settings in accordance with the real load.


Spring MVC, Spring, Thymeleaf, jQuery, Stylus, Bootstrap, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Liquibase, JSF (Primefaces), Zabbix, Metrics, Piwik

The Outcome

The web application aims at ordinary users of the website bonus-spasibo.ru as well as at the administrative resource of the loyalty program. Millions of users of “Spasibo from Sberbank” got access to the relevant information and exclusive offers within the loyalty program, and also the opportunity to exchange bonuses for the particular goods or services online.

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