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Developing Backend & UI for E-Procurement Software Solution

The Client

Prognoz is an international software vendor of analytics & visual discovery solutions. It serves the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, local governments, and development banks in Russia, Asia, and Africa, along with the largest international corporations, such as the Coca-Cola Company and 3M.

Prognoz tapped Azoft as their web development partner to help create a reference and classification database for the new federal e-procurement software solution.

The Scope

With recent changes in Russian legislation which affected e-tendering and e-auctioning, the existing federal e-procurement software became obsolete bringing in the need for a completely new software solution.

Azoft was invited to work on the Standards & References section of the e-procurement system. The task was to implement the database of all reference and classification information on procurements and make it available across government organizations and vendors. The set of database functions included visualization, editing, search, export, and an update mechanism.

The Solution

With Prognoz handling the other components of the software and the whole design work, we focused on developing and implementing the Standards & References section server-side using Oracle and user interface using AngularJS.


JBoss, Oracle, JavaScript, AngularJS

The Challenge

In the course of the project Prognoz’s leading architect requested to change the technology and move from JBoss to Oracle. Even though a considerable part of the software had to be rewritten, Azoft team migrated smoothly reusing 40% of the code and delivered a project on time.

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