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Business Support System Refactoring & Development

The Client

Clearwire/IntraISP is a tandem of the US and European Telecom & Wireless service providers. The companies’ specializations are BSS/OSS, WiMAX, CRM, and billing software solutions development.

In order to accelerate development of new software functionalities for the Business Support System (BOSS) and Operations support systems (OSS), the customer decided to outsource the development part to us.

The Scope

To develop new and refactor existing B/OSS functionality.

Project Description

Customer’s fully web-enabled provisioning system is designed to support WiMAX and broadband service providers. It is possible to manage the entire customer lifecycle through a single consolidated interface.

The high-speed wireless broadband services provider was in need of new B/OSS-functionality development, including billing, accounting, provisioning, inventory and qualification components reengineering.

That was accounted for three important steps:

  • The need to boost the capitalization growth in the Wall Street before joining a WiMAX development alliance
  • The need to extend the number of professional stuff. Those experts are necessary for a rapid progress
  • The fact of natural striving to provide even more quality and effective customer service

Customer’s engineering resources did not meet the needs set by highly-intensive development process required by the business. B/OSS presented a unique complex solution which resulted that only a limited number of engineers had a profound understanding of the system.

The Solution

Before the official plunge into project, the team of Azoft took the challenge and without any assistance mastered several training programs related to the required software development process.

What is more the team made themselves familiar with the existing B/OSS architecture, adopted patterns and requirements of coding, deployment, testing, and QA procedures on such a scale, which allowed for full participation and effective suggestions offering.

Basing confidently on the tripod of responsibility, professionalism, and flexibility of approaches, Azoft was able to rapidly grasp the essence of the process and get into it, implement successfully the first outsourced project and pass the code review stages, and then picked up the dropped by another team flag, saving the project handed over.

Azoft’s participation within the project was initiated by its development partner, whose analytics and managers worked onsite together with Azoft’s engineers. Taking into account the risks and specificities of subcontract development, both teams had to work out a collaboration model based on full integration of Azoft’s team into the structure of its development partner.

The Challenge

Project required complete telecom provider B/OSS re-engineering, which means refactoring of the existent accounting, billing, provisioning, inventory and other OSS components.

As the client also operates in Europe where each country has its own language, billing rules, documents, and regulations, customization of billing system for each country was required.

The main impeding factor within the project was the full involvement of the customer’s IT team in time-taking and labor-consuming system design processes.

A lot of time was spent on activities dedicated to creation of new requirements and documentation. The client had his own standard of documentation, which was adopted by Azoft’s team very quickly.

The Outcome

Intensive integration with the telecom provider business processes and ability to provide quality services both on-site and off-site made it possible for Azoft’s engineers to handle the first complex and challenging task within stipulated time and budget, meeting all the specific requirements set by the customer.

Billing, accounting, and other B/OSS components were successfully re-engineered without any data being lost. In short time Azoft’s team mastered the client’s standards and started working out all the technical documentation, allowing customer to focus only on business requirements.

Today, more than 4-year experience of in-deep collaboration and profound understanding of telecom provider’s business processes and B/OSS functionality allow Azoft to successfully work on large B/OSS tranformations.

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