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Fast Synergy

Internal Business Communication App for BizTech Company

The Client

Fast Synergy is a new brand name in Russian business technologies market. Fast Synergy’s business concept is to provide innovative solutions for internal communications app.

The Scope

Fast Synergy turned to Azoft to develop a custom software solution for managing remote business communication. The solution is available as a web application, desktop application, a mobile application allowing users to initiate and manage their business processes both in or out of the office.

The goal of this project was to provide a system in which all sides of business communication could be involved: the client, the service provider, and the arbitrator, who acts as a mediator in case of disagreement between the client and the service provider.

The solution should supply participants with necessary tools for better communication such as messaging, data exchanging, audio and video calling with conferencing capability.

Internal Business Communication App

The Solution

The solution allows for setting-up partnerships between people looking for a particular service and appropriate service providers. Any user, even non-registered user, has two options to search for service providers.

The first option is to fill out a special form and receive recommendations which service provider would be the most appropriate choice.
The second option is to browse through a catalog.

The solution has many features tailored to the user’s specific needs, depending on the user’s role in the business process. A core system feature is document management, particularly contract management since signing contracts is a critical step in business communication.

The solution developed by Azoft provides convenient tools for creating, editing, viewing and approving contracts. Assuming the service providers has fulfilled all obligations, the client can confirm it through the system. On the other hand, if either the client or the service provider failed to fulfill obligations, the issue can be disputed by applying for arbitration. Other features include sending money transfers and managing bank accounts.


Java, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML

The Challenge

This project has presented several challenges for our development team that was successfully overcome in the end. One of the challenges we encountered was incorporating video-conferencing functionality into the system. According to our client’s requirements, users should be able to participate in video conferences directly from the application, without having to worry about any additional software installations. This project was our first experience with the implementation of video conference functionality.

The Outcome

The resulting solution is a convenient resource for finding business partners, providing all the necessary tools to initiate and maintain excellent internal communications between users. As a result of Azoft work, Fast Synergy was presented with a fully-featured system, helping to develop both its own business and its customers’ business. At the same time, Azoft development team gained valuable new experience implementing video conference features.

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