At Azoft, our technical staff has experience developing core Esri modules (i.e. a module that enables points of interest to be tracked and managed). Such modules have information fed to the Arcweb Service using a protocol called SOAP. An app helps the client to understand intuitively and visualize how the point of interest is tracked and mapped.


Development of ArcWeb Services add-ons using ESRI API makes it possible to create various GIS based location-aware solutions. We have experience developing the following:

  • Restaurant Delivery Add-On: for tracking delivery personnel, providing directions, etc.
  • Sales Staff Add-On: allows tracking sales managers and other members of sales team.
  • Boat-Tracking Add-On: Using GDT ZIP Code and county boundary data together with USGS maps, it is possible to provide highly accurate position referencing.
  • Parents Add-On: reports a teenager's location periodically to the parent. Locations are stored on the ArcWeb POI server; parents can request a map displaying their child's location.
  • Recreation Add-On: makes it possible to track hikers and campers and provides a certain degree of security in case of emergency.

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