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Golf Training & Scoring App Development

The Client

Our customer from Australia offered Azoft to develop a mobile solution that would perform golf scoring and stats analyzing to assist amateur golf players with training.

There is a variety of golf clubs in Australia, and golf is not considered as a posh hobby over there. It causes a flow of amateur players who have the necessity to improve their golf score system understanding.

The Scope

To develop a mobile application with GPS module that would collect golf games stats data and process it on a server with subsequent results summary.

The solution should be able to adapt to the sophisticated score system, and it should be flexible enough to satisfy any type of golf player who chose any form of golf game — match play or stroke play.

By the end of the game this golf application should provide the player with detailed results analysis and statistical information on the game.

The system should also be able to generate custom golf courses and game models.

The Challenge

The most challenging point of this project for Azoft’s golf app development team was to understand the complex score system and to develop a flexible platform based on this understanding.

Also the system should be able to generate different course programs for different users depending on their golf playing skill.

Azoft has a vast experience in developing complex mobile solutions using a variety of technologies, so after the research on golf scoring principles, the development of this solution didn’t represent a problem for our specialists anymore.

The Solution

The solution developed by Azoft had a multi-tier architecture:

  • Java – this part was responsible for working with the midlet, processing statistics information, and for administrator’s interface
  • PHP – this part was responsible for user interface. The PHP part was working with Java part using SOAP
  • Midlet – the midlet itself was created by Azoft specialists using Midlet forms.

When a user launches the application, it offers to start a new course. The user can create his own course by setting the necessary parameters (for example a number of holes in the field) and marking GPS points for each hole, or the user can download a pre-configured course that suits him better from the server.

During the game the user inputs data (for example numbers of holes, type of a golf club, and quantity of shots) into a mobile application.

For iterations, the application collects a set of parameters

  • Hole
  • Par
  • Index
  • Stroke Distance

When a game ends, the application sends this data to the server for processing. After that the server sends the processed data back to the user providing him with a complete statistics information set and scoring.

To subscribe to the system one should get a unique PIN code and enter it in the login menu. If the PIN code is incorrect or outdated, the system automatically bans this user.

With the new platform, users can use their mobile devices to

  • Simplify scoring
  • Train and improve their skills
  • Analyze golf games

The Outcome

The solution was successfully implemented, and after some time passed, our client contacted us for another project.


  • PHP
  • GPS
  • java

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