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Azoft has extensive experience working with Cramer OSS Systems, which are now part of the Amdocs OSS product suite. We have completed a number of long-term projects for various telecom providers and telecom IT consultancies in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Featured Project

Recently, we completed a project involving data migration from Cramer 5 to 6 for a US-based telecom consultancy.

  • Our client wanted to optimize the labor-intensive process of data validation, which is the last stage of data migration process.
  • For this project, Azoft developed a software solution to simplify the data validation procedure.
  • As a result, we provided our client with an innovative data integrity processor tool that compares the design documentation to the configured metadata model of an OSS system.


When it comes to Amdocs Cramer, we offer a range of services to assist telecom companies during any stage of the development life-cycle.
  • Business Case Development: We will thoroughly work with the client company to identify the problem and/or opportunity, estimate costs, benefits and potential risks, and help decide on the best approach for development.
  • Prototyping: Often times, we provide Cramer prototyping solutions to provide the client with an early view of what the final solution will ultimately look like. The major advantage to prototypes is that we can establish proper feedback channels with the client.
  • System Requirements & Specification: We carefully gather the client's functional/technical requirements in order to compile and prepare detailed specifications. Such documentation is very important for the success of the project, as it allows both the client and the development team to have a concrete understanding of the system being developed.
  • Amdocs Cramer Development: Our team has experience with configuring Cramer metadata, customizing Cramer modules, and developing custom solutions (for instance, Cramer bulk update tools) which aren't available in the standard out-of-the-box product suite.
  • Data Migration: As technology evolves, data migration is often necessary in order to upgrade to the latest systems. We are experienced at Cramer data migrations and have professional knowledge of other industry migration tools and applications.
  • System Integration: Azoft team has the professional knowledge for integrating Cramer products with other OSS systems and products.
  • Cramer Product Suite: We are experts at the entire Cramer product suite, including Resource Manager, Configurator, Task Engine, Web Reports, Sync Engine, Delivery Engine, Route Finder, CoS Manager, and more.


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