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Although most of the projects we take on here in Azoft are custom-built solutions for clients, we have developed several of our own solutions as well. Below you can learn about Azoft's software products.

Product Development Life-Cycle

The Product Division is responsible for creating and releasing Azoft's software products. Everything, from the initial idea to final release and marketing strategy is accomplished by Azoft team.

To turn an idea into a fully-functioning software solution, many steps need to be taken. The process consists of two main stages: preliminary work on the idea (including initial analysis, estimation, etc.), followed by implementation stage.


HopHop - Event Planning & Discovery App

Created to help people share plans, quickly get friends together, and discover what's happening nearby. The app is also a great tool for businesses: venue owners and event promoters can stay in touch with their audience and spread the word about upcoming events.

HopHop is packed with great features for people with busy social lives. For instance, users can create an event or simply propose an idea to friends and see what they think about it. HopHop allows users to follow both people and places. The app is integrated with several major social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, VK.com), so users can invite friends that aren't using HopHop yet.

Technologies: iOS, Android OS, Java (J2EE), Google Maps API, Facebook API, Twitter API, Foursquare API.

AquaReal - Watercolor Painting on an iPad

This iPad application is not your typical drawing/painting app. AquaReal was created with special emphasis on real-life physics of water dispersion on paper. Try it and you'll be amazed at how realistic the paint, paper texture, color blending looks and feels with this app.

AquaReal offers users many features: a large selection of colors and brushes, excellent graphics, realistic color blending and paint dispersion, and much more. Users can easily share their art with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter.

Technologies: iOS, iPad 2+, OpenGL, GPGPU.

WaterHockey - iPad Game with Real-Life Physics

WaterHockey is an iPad game that was developed based on real-life hydrodynamic processes. The game's setting is a pool of water with water canons on the sides. The goal is to shoot water canons in order to move a beach ball into the gate. The game includes 12 exciting levels, with increasing difficulty.

Water movement looks very realistic, thanks to real-life hydrodynamic simulation. Before developing WaterHockey, our RnD team worked on a special framework for simulating hydrodynamic processes on an iPad, taking advantage of the iPad's GPU. This framework was later used in several of our projects.

Technologies: iOS, iPad 2+, OpenGL, GPGPU.

Barcode Scanner Library for iOS Applications

Azoft developed a barcode-scanning mechanism for scanning and decoding multiple 1D barcodes, aligned in arbitrary direction. We offer this barcode scanner algorithm as a free library, which you can integrate with your iOS applications.

Most barcode-scanning applications can only read and decode one barcode at a time, not to mention they require the user to carefully align each barcode along the horizontal axis. With our barcode scanner library, the process is much faster because users can scan several barcodes at once without any alignment necessary.

Technologies: iOS, iPhone/iPad, OpenGL ES, OpenCV.
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