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Here at Azoft, we have experience developing complex enterprise-level, web-based applications using Java and PHP. We also develop consumer-level web apps for a various industries (entertainment, hospitality, insurance, and more).

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Our team of front-end & server-side developers, business analysts, UI designers, system architects, and QA engineers will work together to turn your idea into a fully-functional web solution.

J2EE, J2ME MIDP 1.0/2.0, Servlet/JSP, JNI, Windows Mobile, ESRI ArcGIS 9.2, Pepperwhite

Fleet Tracking & Dispatching System for Prophesy

Azoft developed this GIS web application for a leading software provider for the trucking industry. The application is integrated with Prophesy Dispatch solution and enables dispatchers to view all of the fleet vehicles on a digitally enhanced map.

The application offers numerous useful features, such as determining the most efficient routes and viewing complete driving directions, managing scheduled appointments, generating reports to keep track of drivers' speed, fuel usage, distance traveled and many more.

JavaScript, mySQL, SP, JSTL, Hibernate, GoogleMaps API, Apache Tomcat, BlackBerry

Network Performance Monitoring Solution

We developed a network monitoring system, which consists of a server side and a BlackBerry application. The solution is designed to help assess the quality of telecom operator services.

A mobile application obtains various data, such as time, location, Receive Signal Strength Indication (RSSI), coverage, GPRS, wap, as well as the time necessary to load a web page or send an SMS. The data is then sent to a server to be analyzed in the form of reports.

Drupal 6, PHP, MySQL DHTML (JavaScript, CSS, HTML).

Online Platform for Sharing Recipes

This web application was developed for an online community dedicated to food and cooking. The cooking portal provides numerous recipes for preparing delicious meals and includes tools to search for new ideas, as well as customize, organize, and save various recipes.

Having analyzed the company's goals, and using DrupalCMS as a basis for the web portal, Azoft has developed a completely functional and stable website. As a result, members of this cooking community can create member profiles, share their own recipes, rate and review other users' recipes, upload photos, etc.


NFC Content Publishing Service

This near field communication project was developed for marketing purposes. The solution enables users to tap their phones to an NFC tag to access relevant product information.

Azoft developed the server side, including a database that contains product information (images, PDFs, text, videos, etc.) to be accessed by customers, as well as Reader & Publisher mobile applications, enabling communication between the mobile device and an NFC tag.


Here are just several examples of web projects we have successfully completed. Please note that many of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements and thus cannot be shown here.

To learn more about our experience please contact us!

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