Microsoft Bing walks to iPhone through the backdoor

By Emma Brem on October 25, 2009

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing is moving to the iPhone platform in uncommon way: via applications that use Bing API. The most bright example of such apps is Robotvision – a Bing location-based service for iPhone that became available at the Apple Store in a recent time. The application uses iPhone 3Gs GPS module and camera to provide users with information about the nearby environment (e.g. restaurants, businesses, etc.). The application retrieves this data from Bing SE. It also has Twitter and Flickr integration. But the most notable feature of this solution is one called augmented reality: as you change the position of the device to horizontal by flipping it, the units you were looking at through the camera begin to be shown as markpoints on a map.

Chrome Frame by Google: Turn your IE into Chrome!

By Emma Brem on September 22, 2009

163 google chrome frame Chrome Frame by Google: Turn your IE into Chrome!

Google brings into being its Chrome Frame: an open source plugin for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The plugin that weights around 500 Kb can be installed on IE 6, 7, or 8 without any additional coding and allows IE to support HTML5 and other modern web technologies that Explorer just can’t handle at the moment. Despite of Internet Explorer is still being the most wide spread browser, the majority of its users are unhappy with it. Of course, speaking of web standards & technologies, in the latest versions of IE things started to get better, but it is still far behind the niche’s monsters: Opera, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari.

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