How to speed up the login via SSH in Ubuntu by 100 times

By Svarychevski Michail on April 18, 2011

For a long time I had a trouble with slow remote login to all my Ubuntu servers (all 2). Slow login means 2-3 seconds in my case. It is not so dramatic of course but when the login is via key you want that everything works like a flash -  ultimately we have not the 486SX.
Long googleing suggested only standard solutions like:

  1. UseDNS no in /etc/ssh/sshd_config — speeds up login in case of slow DNS. I have a local cash DNS, thus everything was fast without it.
  2. Forced IPv4 in the SSH client didn't help — probably not everybody has such problem with speed.

Binding account Login – Pros and Cons

By Alexandra Weinstein on April 13, 2011

Some time ago I was taking part in a discussion to the topic «Do we need to make authorization via external services in our new project?». The beautiful pop-up ads, widgets and other decorations demanding “Enter me!” spoke for it, besides the modern web-two-zero (or even web-three-zero) tendencies of big portals development also suggest it. But I started with that there was a discussion, which means there were different opinions to the question. Let’s suppose a web site has a smart panel or just separate authorization widgets, e.g. via twitter, Facebook etc. Is it easy to enter the site?

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