One working place becomes by 30% cheaper

By Andrey Systerr on January 28, 2011

This article is devoted to implementation of "multiseat" with hardware acceleration on basis of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. The example that I describe is already set in operation, the system is successfully working for about half a year in an office in Minsk, Byelorussia. The problems of implementation and realization are described by an usual student who works up as a system administrator.


I was working as a system administrator in a small office in Minsk when our company took a decision to renew the computer park. At that time I was faced with a problem. Modern computers have efficiency level that is much higher than office computers need.  Furthermore efficiency differences don't really influence the price. Cheep computers based on Atom cost practically same money like more efficient computers based on Amd and Intel processors (motherboard with Atom processor costs about $100-150, May 2010, Minsk, same price in October 2010).

A new search engine won’t be a Google killer

By Emma Brem on August 9, 2009

The name is Blekko. Blekko will be a search engine. That’s basically all we know about a new project, that would probably attempt to become one more “Google slayer”. Too many other “killers” achieved nothing despite of being promoted as “the SE of the future” even before they were launched. This was the destiny of Guil, Wikia Search, SearchMe, and some others.

The new one, Blekko, wisely decided not to repeat the mistake of “selling ground on Mars” and decided not to communicate with press, bloggers, or any other media at all. Probably that would save the project from fiasco within 2 weeks after it will be launched.

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