Top 10 Most Awaited Alternatives to iPad 2

By Emma Brem on March 21, 2011

People have been waiting for the latest and upcoming tablets in 2011. There are many tablets are coming this year and some of them are worth to be waited. Some of these tablets will allow you to surf the Web, watch movies and play casual games without the need to rely on a bulky laptop and its traditional keyboard. Other gadgets focus on features such as reading for long periods of time without killing the batteries and without eye strain. So, what are they?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is powered by Android 3.0, (a.k.a. Google’s Honeycomb OS). Running the OS is a 1GHz dual core processor. Wireless connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11 (a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.1, HSPA and EDGE. Power is provided by a 6860 mAh battery. Memory options include 16GB and 32GB of space.

Reinventing Wheels: drawing graphs in .NET

By Stanislav Sidristij on March 15, 2011

a7a58503 Reinventing Wheels: drawing graphs in .NET

After the first article was published I realised that the topic is very actual. Here I'll try to tell you about some more libraries I know. And hopefully my suggestions will help you in future, so you won't reinvent new wheels, when you can afford a car.

In this post I will deal with a topic which many people will consider to be important — drawing graphs in platform .NET. Remember: haven't you ever been drawing a smart graph on the screen… Did you succeed? Or have you seen a new wheel instead?

25 Futuristic Laptop Designs

By Emma Brem on March 9, 2011

Technology takes a leap almost each day in this era. Gadgets and gizmos are progressing so rapidly that an illusion today becomes a reality tomorrow.

Compiled below is a list of the most futuristic concept laptop designs, some of which have won achievement awards while the rest are just too cool to know about. Hope you enjoy it.

LG Ecological Laptop Concept

1(7) 25 Futuristic Laptop Designs

The LG ecological laptop, as the name suggest it has something to do with saving energy or working on solar energy, a green gadget concept. Well look great to handle and carry. Compact and hi-tech. This concept notebook received a Red Dot Award nomination for “Best Concept Design”.

Reinventing Wheels: Programming languages

By Stanislav Sidristij on March 4, 2011

9dc91c4d Reinventing Wheels: Programming languages

In this post I'd like to dwell on compilers development for specific projects, in-house or commercial; or alternatively for "benefiting from  involving a community into development process". I shall not speak about reasons why new programming language creation sometimes seems advantageouse to a company but believe me many companies find such reasons and let write new languages, which finaly creates big problems as for the company as for its employees.

Reinventing Wheels: Libraries

By Stanislav Sidristij on February 25, 2011

This is a set of articles for developers  "reinventing wheel" in their projects. These articles are aimed to inform you about existing libraries and tell a lot of usefull things like how to strengthen the code and increase functionality. Everybody wants to provide his program with something making the functionality richer but it often happens that the solution is never found or you have no time to "waste" it for search… Or you give way to a stupid belief that you can implement everything fast and with same functionality.  Anyway I'd like you to go through the lists of libraries that I prepared and I hope they will stick in your memory, and when you need this functionality in future go for these libraries instead of writing new wheels with many hitches and snags. Let's start with Windows managers.

Digital Heart from a Russian Engineer

By Terehov Anton on February 14, 2011

Valentine’s day is a wonderful occasion to prepare a pleasure for your second half. To gladden my girlfriend I did all the job described in this post twice!

main2 Digital Heart from a Russian Engineer

Programming in PHP for command line

By Bogdan Tkachenko on February 6, 2011


Ubuntu provides utilities for virtual hosts and modules switch-in\switch-off with apache2 packet. Anyway creating configs for virtual hosts takes additional time. I wanted to improve this shortcoming. I could of course create automatical sub-domains for Apache but I decided to write a script that creates configs of virtual hosts for Apache, and when necessary, it adds the host name into the /etc/hosts file. I’m not very strong in writing scripts in bash, so I decided to use PHP (that I know quite well) for my simple task. This article offers you two interesting things: we will learn the in\output operations for command line in PHP, and write a script that will little bit ease our life.

HTML5: How to use FileSystem API&File API

By Andrey Rebrov on February 2, 2011

The following article is devoted to  FileSystem API and File API, as well as to their methods and some useful stuff about how to utilize them. The article is a compilation of materials from Let's start with studying the material.


The web application can create, read, preview and record files in the area of users Sandbox with the help of  FileSystem API and File API. The  API despription is devided to the following sections: