How to boot from a cell phone

By Recluse Freeman on May 3, 2011

For sure you have a «usual cell phone», that can call, play music from a flash drive, and be a card reader when you attach it to the Big Brother. Or you had it. Or your boy friend/girlfriend/parents/children/grandparents/etc have it. Haven’t you think about using it in a more geek way, rather than just a meaning of communication? I don’t mean firmware modification and getting a console access to the phone, no — it’s much more trite and interesting at the same time.

Royal Wedding: 20 best Apple iOS apps

By Alexandra Weinstein on April 26, 2011

Currently the news dominating the UK is of course the royal wedding between William and Kate, which kicks off on Friday the 29th of April in London, and will no doubt be covered across the globe. There's nothing like celebrity frenzy, especially a long-in-the-planning one like the Royal Wedding, to bring out the best and worst of mobile application development.

With this being such a significant wedding it is very appropriate that there are now some great Royal Wedding apps within the App Store. Here's a sampling of the best mobile apps for Apple iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices being touted as indispensable for keeping track of and connected with The Wedding — the royal nuptials for Prince William and Catherine Middleton on Friday, April 29, at Westminster Abbey in London.

How to automate Web site Development Prize Accounting

By Vasiliy Churanov on April 25, 2011

To fasten and standardize Web site development Prize Accounting, we, some years ago, implemented a simple excel-table, that we use till now. May be you will also find it useful. Here is a short description of an accounting process:

Any development project is actually command time that we sell. It means a manager who makes business proposal needs an account of hours planned for certain kinds of works and work stages, that he calculates to money. For this purpose we prepare a table (see an example below) where:

JavaScript Virtual keyboard with 70 languages support

By Ilya Lebedev on April 22, 2011

Recently I met a good virtual key board. Strangely I haven’t seen it before, though the product is worthy.

Pluses: 70 input languages support, IME input. Mouse and current keyboard input. The author has rigorous worked out all languages including Chinese, Japanese etc.
The key board was tested on the following browsers:

Orange San Francisco — an Androidphone for £99

By AbyssMoon on April 20, 2011
OSF Black Orange San Francisco — an Androidphone for £99

Recently I was faced with a problem choosing a new phone. I focused on Androidphones as this platform is available in a rich variety of phones and at reasonable prices.
First my attention was drawn to the LG Optimus One, but lucky I found the Orange San Francisco on the Internet, which costs just £99 in England and technically it exceeds all smartphones on the market in the price diapason up to £200

How to speed up the login via SSH in Ubuntu by 100 times

By Svarychevski Michail on April 18, 2011

For a long time I had a trouble with slow remote login to all my Ubuntu servers (all 2). Slow login means 2-3 seconds in my case. It is not so dramatic of course but when the login is via key you want that everything works like a flash -  ultimately we have not the 486SX.
Long googleing suggested only standard solutions like:

  1. UseDNS no in /etc/ssh/sshd_config — speeds up login in case of slow DNS. I have a local cash DNS, thus everything was fast without it.
  2. Forced IPv4 in the SSH client didn't help — probably not everybody has such problem with speed.

Binding account Login – Pros and Cons

By Alexandra Weinstein on April 13, 2011

Some time ago I was taking part in a discussion to the topic «Do we need to make authorization via external services in our new project?». The beautiful pop-up ads, widgets and other decorations demanding “Enter me!” spoke for it, besides the modern web-two-zero (or even web-three-zero) tendencies of big portals development also suggest it. But I started with that there was a discussion, which means there were different opinions to the question. Let’s suppose a web site has a smart panel or just separate authorization widgets, e.g. via twitter, Facebook etc. Is it easy to enter the site?

50 Most Bizarre Computer Cases Ever

By Alexandra Weinstein on April 6, 2011

PC users build their own systems according to their needs and budget. As every PC user has his/her own personality, each tends to imprint it onto their systems. There are people that build up their systems, trying to get the most out of those fancy components. However, unlike regular PC users, the modding fans are a bunch of ingenious dudes who like to customize their systems to fit their personality and lifestyle. Computers come in many different flavours, but apparently that ain’t enough for everybody. Case modding -the modification of a computer chassis- has become a big hobby for thousands of enthusiasts around the world. Meet some of the best PC Case Mods we've seen.