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New Apple iOS 5 Will Kill Jailbreak

By Alexandra Weinstein on June 22, 2011
ios 5 jailbreak1(1) New Apple iOS 5 Will Kill Jailbreak

Apple iOS 5 and iPhone 5 are the two major products expected to arrive this year, and both will decide the future of the brand in the coming years. As excitement heightens with the anticipated release of iOS 5, rumors about the most undesirable update that it will bring is becoming louder each day: iOS 5 will no longer support jailbreak.

Apple will be putting jailbreak and the jailbreak community to an end with the release of iOS 5. This is something that is impossible to happen or something that iDevice fans and users are hoping is not true.

Reports have it that iOS 5 will bring improved message notifications, voicemail to text, new and enhanced widget system, numbers of networks carriers, over the air auto updates, new Apple’s operating system multi-tasking capabilities to mention a few. Some analysts are saying that the new update will bring tons of goodies that the users can originally obtain after jailbreaking their iDevice.

Remember, some of these features were once only possible with jailbroken hardware, but if Apple offers them natively through iOS 5 and new iPhones, what’s the point of jailbreaking and unlocking? If Apple is going to provide in iOS 5 and iPhone 5 what you now jailbreak for, why bother with the headaches of jailbreaking?

Furthermore, there could be an economic incentive behind all of this, nearly 10% of iPhones are jailbroken and buy apps through the Cydia store, that’s a lot of money left on the table by Apple. Jailbreaking is particularly popular in countries like China, where Apple is experiencing huge growth, but if Apple can offer the same features so many users are jailbreaking for, they’ll lose the incentive to jailbreak plus funnel that money into Apple’s App Store rather than a third party source.

Remember, jailbreaking isn’t illegal, but Apple has always frowned upon it for various reasons, and now Apple may have found a solution to squash the jailbreak community once and for all by essentially offering all the incentives natively. So will it happen? Is jailbreaking dead? We’ll soon find out.