AzoftSpotlightA new gadget by HP stays in the middle of the evolution curve

A new gadget by HP stays in the middle of the evolution curve

By Emma Brem on September 15, 2009

ipad A new gadget by HP stays in the middle of the evolution curveHP comes up with DreamScreen 100: a next-gen innovative gadget that combines functions of a connected screen, web browser, media player and more, and allows mobile social networking, wireless media sharing, and data storage. This device brings the concept of a connected screen to a new level by introducing non-precedent functional while being simple, intuitive, and stylish. According to Satjiv S. Chahil, senior vice president, worldwide marketing, Personal Systems Group, HP, “Constant, always-on access to friends, information and entertainment is a common expectation today, and with HP DreamScreen, social media, web services and digital entertainment can be enjoyed in more areas of the home.” The core features of the DreamScreen 100 may be listed as following: •    802.11 b/g wireless compatibility •    Built-in 2 Gb storage space •    USB and flash cards support •    Facebook and Pandora internet radio support •    Wireless access to weather forecasts and global organizer •    Wireless data transfer between the device and PC HP pays special attention to music lovers: with the new gadget, finding, sorting, and playing tracks is as easy as possible. The feature is enhanced with album covers support. As Jessica Steel, senior vice president of Pandora says, “the HP DreamScreen makes it fun and easy for listeners to enjoy Pandora throughout their homes.” HP designers have done their work great as well: this fancy black device ideally fits nightstands, niches, and has a wall-mount feature too. Generally, DreamScreen 100 is a consequence of the wireless evolution in the IT universe, and may be considered as a transitional form between the “oldie” gadgets and the next-gen devices: having fancy functional features it still lacks the necessity of practical use (except for castles owners of course). The next-gen era gives ground both for hardware and software developers, so in the near future we will probably be reviewing something that we can’t even imagine now. DreamScreen 100 is available for about 300$ at, BestBuy, or HPDirect by now. In the next article we will present the results of our “test drive”, so stay tuned.

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