AzoftSpotlightSprint & Verizon: And then there was Wi-Fi… Too late?

Sprint & Verizon: And then there was Wi-Fi… Too late?

By Emma Brem on August 30, 2009

Sprint & Verizon have made a decision to enable Wi-Fi in all their future handhelds, after BlackBerry Tour.

According to Jeff Clemow, director of business product marketing for Sprint, «Sprint will “embrace” Wi-Fi in all its “major devices”, and the feature is a requirement for all of Sprint’s equipment suppliers now».

While Sprint & Verizon are making promises, their competitor, AT&T is expanding its presence on the Wi-Fi market: last fall AT&T bought Wayport, a Wi-Fi service provider, for more than $200 billion. That helped AT&T to gain 10 000 new access points (which makes about 20 000 in general), and to become the nation’s largest Wi-Fi operator.

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