AzoftSpotlightAzoft becomes available through Google Wave

Azoft becomes available through Google Wave

By Emma Brem on August 25, 2009

wave 150x150 Azoft becomes available through Google WaveThe way people communicate has been evolving since the first man made his first step. At first there were only plain shapeless sounds, but as conditions and ways of life were becoming more and more complex, eventually broadened and flourished human language and its ability to provide more accurate and specific information. Finally, it blossomed into the beautiful harmonious speech that we hear nowadays. Alongside of verbal evolution, the way people transfer information to each other was also changing with time. In those great battles of Ancient history only those could win who got the latest battle-front news faster than opponent. Minutes or even pure seconds could make or ruin the day of the whole empire. This led people to thinking of how to speed up the word transmission, and since that moment first messaging systems count their days in the history of a mankind. Later, the industrial age was a major breakthrough in all aspects of human life and communications was not an exception. Two amazing inventors: Alexander Graham Bell with invention of telephone in 1876 and Alexander Popov with invention of radio in 1885 forever and for always changed lifestyle of the entire planet. Nowadays, in the era of PC and Internet, business increasingly demands for even faster and more flexible communications. E-mail was the answer at first, but later entirely new class of messaging systems rose. ICQ, AIM, Skype, and other applications are widely known and used today, and are generally referred as Instant Messengers. They have flexibility that e-mail lack and are widely used by service companies to provide customers with additional level of service and possibility to get in touch. As a part of modern world, Azoft is continually researching on how to apply the latest innovations and communication technologies in order to be closer to its customers and operate as a truly next-door office. And, we are proud to announce that from now on we are available through the brand new Google Wave. Google Wave is a messenger, but a completely refined one by Google’s awesome out-of-box vision on what communications can be:

  • completely web-based
  • all communications are stored as Waves evolving in time
  • can be integrated as a module into any website
  • can be integrated with corporate CRM, databases and other components
  • unlimited enhancement through custom bots and gadgets      

First of all, it is fully web-based, which means no application needs to be downloaded and installed. All you need is access your web account and everything is ready for the chat. As always, Google impresses with their innovative outlook – all communications are neatly kept in Waves and can be easily accessed with the whole history viewed.  The most awesome thing about Wave is that it can be integrated as an online messenger into any website, which opens unlimited horizons for building innovative custom online customer care, sales and support services. Moreover, Wave can be widely enhanced with custom bots and gadgets based on extensive Google Wave API. E.g. an automated online customer care & support service can be implemented with a bot integrated with corporate CRM and database to retrieve client information and provide accurate answers to client quest. Put it simple, Google Wave can be a sweet and amazing part of your website that will increase your sales, improve customer care and will allow serving your clients better than your competitors does. So, if you are our existing customer or just would like to know more on how we work and what we do or have an idea of some project in mind, you are warmly welcome to wave us a couple of lines on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .