AzoftSpotlightA new search engine won’t be a Google killer

A new search engine won’t be a Google killer

By Emma Brem on August 9, 2009

The name is Blekko. Blekko will be a search engine. That’s basically all we know about a new project, that would probably attempt to become one more “Google slayer”. Too many other “killers” achieved nothing despite of being promoted as “the SE of the future” even before they were launched. This was the destiny of Guil, Wikia Search, SearchMe, and some others.

The new one, Blekko, wisely decided not to repeat the mistake of “selling ground on Mars” and decided not to communicate with press, bloggers, or any other media at all. Probably that would save the project from fiasco within 2 weeks after it will be launched.

Indeed, right now no one really knows their logo, their investors or anything like that. However, some top investors were noticed putting their money in Blekko.

That means the project’s engineers continue to develop the system behind the closed doors. Is the decision of preserving privacy right or wrong? One should rather say “right”: the reason of previous G-killers’ (are mentioned above) failures is their over-promotion and their positioning BEFORE launch. All of them were positioned as something way better than “old” Google, and the audience was expecting to see some real search engine monsters right away. We all have witnessed the result: a new, raw SE comes up, lives from 2 weeks to several months, then gets forgotten, its developers & investors loose miles of green paper with Washingtons  on it, Google lives on.

Will Blekko become a monster? I think no. But they do not pretend to become a SE monster. That probably leaves us a chance to see just a system which is different from its competitors in qualitative way. And I have a feeling it will gain love rapidly.

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