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Travelers Platform

We introduce Travelers Portal, a well-structured mobile guide for tourists and roamers which is not limited to basic information — hotels, flights, transportation, currency, etc. — but also contains tips, interesting facts, and other travelers' suggestions and comments.

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We have much interest in a long-term partnership with:

  • Telecom IT Consultancies
  • Telecom Product Suppliers
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Virtual Mobile Network Operators
  • Third-party value-added service providers

Operator's Benefits

Available to subscribers with a whole range of user interfaces (WAP, USSD, SMS, Java, HTTP), T-Portal is a a highly customizable service which can help an operator to magnetize inbound roamers, drive revenue from the traffic, and raise the ARPU from visiting subscribers.
  • Targeted specifically at inbound travelers, this user-friendly service motivates roaming subscribers to always stay with a network that treats them in a kid-glove manner.
  • By providing a premium service, operator increases its inbound roaming ARPU.
  • Ever had the problem of charging Premium Content to roamers? T-Portal provides all means to charge roaming subscribers on the VPMN side over MT SMS, CDR or CAMEL.
  • T-Portal boosts packet internet usage (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS) by visiting customers, thus further adding to roaming ARPU.


  • The solution is an operator’s value added service for tourists and roamers. It provides any kind of information for a specific location — hotels, flights, transportation, currency, etc.
  • Highly customizable service which adjusts to interests and travel plans of a particular user.
  • Provides intelligent promotion tools, which allow differentiate content pricing, run sales, set conditions for granting discounts on particular content to particular subscribers, and conduct complex mobile marketing campaigns.
  • It enables dynamic adjustment of service delivery to every individual handset, helps users to advance their usage of their terminals and networks technologies.
  • By detecting user's handset capabilities and their successful usage the solution suggests a choice of access methods (e.g. SMS/USSD, WAP, J2ME, iPhone, BlackBerry, Pocket PC/PDA, etc.) to the desired content.


Use T-Portal under your company brand or run co-branding with your regional roaming partners.


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