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LBS Platform

Our company develops a variety of custom Location Based Solutions, for mobile and web. A location-based GPS solution depends on and progresses through a user's location.


Our experience in the LBS area has resulted in a flexible and modular solution that can be utilized in completely different industries, web & mobile applications:
  • Mapping: using ESRI ArcGIS Server, Pepperwhite Maps, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, and client's custom maps
  • Mobile Commerce: applications that allows you find nearest place for money transactions and the latest news and up-to-date information on Mobile Money Transfer, Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments, and Mobile Marketing
  • Tourism: points of Interest, like «Where did they hide that precious tiny museum?»
  • Security: «Is the cab driver driving me where I asked him to?»
  • Retail: «Where I can get a tape and battery for my camcorder?»
  • Road Service Information: «Where is the nearest petrol (gas) station with full service?»
  • Customer Relationship Management: applications that allow you to synchronize business processes, to determine and manage employees' location
  • Transportation: «My car is broken at the intersection of, hm … Main Street and 2nd Avenue!»
  • Urban games: application that allows to play city games, where each team can view the list of places they have to visit in a particular order
  • Dispatching: real-time 2-way dispatch-driver communication, mapping, truck load info and task-to-driver pushing engine
  • Routing: including toll-roads, weather conditions, country and state borders cross, etc.
  • Social Networking: nearest users, points of interests, custom routing
  • Job dispatching and field workers control
  • Real estate: search & locate real estate for rent on map

Wiki LBS

WikiMate application is available for iPhone & Blackberry. You can preview how it works through our web-interface emulating an actual device. This is a normalized location-based Wiki, as a free web-based LBS product with API.

How to start?

Based on your requirements our professional engineers will make a technical proposal. The estimation service is free & usually takes 1-2 business days.



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