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GPS Vehicle Tracking

We develop and support custom fleet tracking & management software compatible with any preferred GPS hardware (+GLONASS), maps (Pepperwhite Maps, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, NAVTEQ), tracking units and In-Cab devices.

We work for

We have much interest in a long term partnership with
  • Vehicle Tracking Service Providers
  • Freight Forwarding Companies
  • Taxi & Car Rent Service Providers
  • Building & Construction (asset tracking)
  • Zoo (animals tracking)


Our solution provides basic mission-critical functionality and can be used to create any type of a custom GPS tracking solution with an extensive set of positioning features. We use Teltonika FM4100 tracking units, and also can provide custom solutions for any kind of in-cab devices.

  • Vehicle Tracking for Web: custom development, re-engineering, maintenance
  • Back-end development: order & document management & delivery units scheduling
  • Mapping: using ESRI ArcGIS Server, Pepperwhite Maps, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, and client's custom maps
  • Dispatching: real-time 2-way dispatch-driver communication, mapping, truck load info and task-to-driver pushing engine
  • Routing: including toll-roads, weather conditions, country and state borders cross, etc.
  • Reporting: journey, geo-zones, vehicle utilization/idling time, fuel consumption, speed violations, CANbus, etc.
  • Geo-fencing: zones, notifications & reports
  • Mobile Clients for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, J2ME, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Sim Toolkit
  • In-cab devices and MDT integration


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How to start?

Based on your requirements (or mock-ups) our professional engineers will make a technical proposal. The estimation service is free & usually takes 1-2 business days.


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