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Related Case Studies

  • Location-based Wiki Service for Web and API
    We wanted to give users maximum up-to-date information about their current location and enable them to search through this information, sort it, etc. The data we wanted to provide are coordinates and descriptions of local attractions and landmarks, businesses and retail outlets, dining and leisure facilities, health and security information, road service information, as well as any other information that may be of use for leisure or business traveler, as well as for residents…
  • Fleet Tracking System Re-engineering & Maintenance for UK Company

    One the most successful UK suppliers of fleet tracking and management software turned to Azoft to re-engineer its Fleet Tracking and Management System and continue its further development and improvement…

  • Social-Networking Community for Diva Recipe
    A significant plus of Drupal open source realization is that the standard or third-party modules can be fine-tuned or even significantly modified to better reflect customers requirements. For this project two modules were extensively modified (Favorite Notes and Hierarchical Select), ad one core module (Recipe Diva Module) had to be written from scratch. To do this we had to scrutinize Drupal API, even learning undocumented features…
  • Order Management System for Marine Lubricants Products Supplier

    The client is a young but rapidly growing China supplier of marine lubricant products and services. Started as a small start-up, in 2-year period the company aggressively grown its network and today operates worldwide serving major ocean fleet forwarders…

  • CRM & Order Management for Freight Forwarding Company

    An international freight forwarder based in US turned to us to develop its new Order Management System and integrate it with existent CRM…

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What Our Clients Say

  • JC Lambert

    We have been working with Azoft for something like one year on different projects. We had been in touch with their programming team. We see their programming team is quite skilled. We really appreciate the web development services that we have with Azoft. We really have many projects together, because we see their programming team is reliable, so the programmers are basically keen at providing on-time service and also understanding the business.