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System Integration

Azoft can offer a business with a complex integrated infrastructure new opportunities based on multi-systems compatibility, friendly prices, and efficiency.


  • Enterprise application integration                 
  • Network integration
  • Software and hardware components integration
  • Individualized user registration and identification systems integration
  • Maintenance and support

Quick solution for a friendly price

The main criterion in vertical integration is the functionality of component subsystems. The functional structures are formed according to this criterion. The main advantages of this method are low pricing andspeed.


Using the so-called star integration with all the component subsystems being interrelated may be more expensive than vertical integration. On the other hand, this type is more preferable since it allows implementing new features – the method shows a great flexibility of the existing component subsystem’s functionality usage.

Make changes and do upgrades

The essence of this approach is the adding to the system — a specialized component which is responsible for conversion of interfaces. Horizontal integration decreases the expenses while improving flexibility. This method provides the system with a component subsystem replacement opportunity.

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Based on your requirements our professional engineers will make a technical proposal. The estimation service is free & usually takes 1-2 business days.


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