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  • Mobile Healthcare Delivery Platform
    Our client needed to rapidly develop a mobile solution that included a multi-tier solution architecture consisting of several handset application variants, customer web portal as well as back end integration to carriers and vendor partners. Healthcare providers now have a way to collect valuable patient data pertaining to prescription adherence. This information can be leveraged to understand the correlation between prescription drugs, and patient health. It can also be used to monitor insurance policy adherence allowing for proactive patient health recommendations and alternative health approaches…
  • Target GPS City Game for La Mosca
    La Mosca is a start-up company from Belgium that develops and promotes new generation of city games on mobile phones using the GPS technology. La Mosca, knowing about experience Azoft had with mobile and GPS applications, asked us to develop technical part of the games, such as mobile applications downloaded to the phones and server administrative part…
  • Location-based Wiki Service for Web and API
    We wanted to give users maximum up-to-date information about their current location and enable them to search through this information, sort it, etc. The data we wanted to provide are coordinates and descriptions of local attractions and landmarks, businesses and retail outlets, dining and leisure facilities, health and security information, road service information, as well as any other information that may be of use for leisure or business traveler, as well as for residents…

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