RIA Development

Azoft develops Rich Internet Applications with full functionality of what you would expect from a desktop application. Developing a Rich Internet Application is a great way to add dynamic and interactive features to a website.

Related Case Studies

Below are some examples of our experience. Please note that many of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements and thus cannot be shown here.

Azoft's experience includes RIA development using technologies like Java, HTML5, AJAX, Microsoft Silverlight, and more. Please contact us to receive a technical proposal.

HTML5, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, CakePHP.

Promo App for Electrical Device Manufacturer

Azoft developed a Rich Internet Application to promote a new line of electrical installations, manufactured in Europe. This interactive app allows users to customize their home's electrical automation system so that it matches their home's interior design. Users can choose the color, material, style, and location of electrical switches and lighting installations.

Users can also save their preferred configuration, send it to their email accounts or use it to place a new order. The resulting web application is accessed via a web browser, but it offers all the functionality, stability, and responsiveness of a desktop application.

JavaFX, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP.

Web-Based Energy Consumption Calculator

Our developers created an innovative electricity & gas consumption calculator for an Energy Supplier's website. The main goal was to drive more traffic to our client's corporate website as well as simplify cost estimation process. This interactive web app is designed for business to estimate energy usage, based on the building characteristics.

When calculating energy usage, many different factors are taken into account. For example, users can type in the building's area, age, operating schedule, type of heating and cooling system used, type of lighting, presence of any special equipment, and so on. Using this tool, businesses can also see potentials areas for saving on their electric bill.

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    I take great pleasure in describing my experiences with Azoft. I have been managing web development teams for over 35 years, some as direct employee teams and some as outside...

  • Frank Hayes

    Before employing Azoft we had an ASP model, however, some of our clients required independent programs on their own servers. The challenge to Azoft was to build our application...

  • JC Lambert

    We have been working with Azoft for something like one year on different projects. We had been in touch with their programming team. We see their programming team is...

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