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Azoft is a Location-Based Services (LBS) company, specializing in development of custom software solutions with location-tracking features. We have completed a number of LBS projects, such as location-aware mobile applications suitable for a wide range of purposes.

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Below are some examples of our experience. Please note that many of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements and thus cannot be shown here.

Most mobile devices today are equipped with location-tracking (GPS) functionality, giving rise to a great variety of location-aware applications. LBS solutions have many implementations, such as targeted marketing, management of remote employees, location-based social networking, entertainment, and much more.


Taxi-Ordering Mobile Application

This mobile application was developed for our client in Norway who was in need of location-aware solution suitable for searching and ordering of the nearest taxi cab. Utilising GPS receiver of customer's mobile device, the application determines the current location and finds a suitable car.

In addition to ordering taxi cabs, the mobile application displays both the user's and the car's location on a map and provides instructions how to reach the chosen vehicle. The application was released for iOS and Android platforms and is available in multiple languages.

Technologies: iPhone, Android, XML, Google Maps API, GPS.

Location-Aware Mobile Coupons

Azoft was requested to develop a cross-platform mobile solution to make the process of everyday shopping much more comfortable and advantageous. Based on user's location, the application offers a list of available discount coupons and provides an opportunity to use it immediately.

This application can be used in any place of interest such as a local grocery store or shopping mall with numerous departments. The app is designed as a cross platform mobile solution, compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7 mobile devices. In addition, whenever users are offered a discount, they can share the news with friends via SMS, email, or popular social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Technologies: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, XML, SOAP, Google Maps API.

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  • Edward J. Forman

    I take great pleasure in describing my experiences with Azoft. I have been managing web development teams for over 35 years, some as direct employee teams and some as outside teams, and the team Azoft provided is clearly among the best I have ever used.

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