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Insurance software solutions allow insurance carriers to make their services more convenient for the clients and to increase general business efficiency.

Related Case Studies

Below are some examples of our experience. Please note that many of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements and thus cannot be shown here.

Azoft team develops custom insurance software that can handle all insurance activities from discovery of the damage to payment of financial compensation.

PHP, Android OS, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, Google Maps API.

Mobile App and Backend for Insurance Company

A mobile application was developed for a leading automotive insurance agency based in Netherlands. The agency's business deals mainly with damages on the road. The client wanted to provide customers with a mobile solution to report damages faster. For this project, Azoft developed an Android app and a server-side solution.

The application contains a report form and provides an opportunity to attach photo of the damage. It was integrated with Google Maps and allows to point the location of damage on the map in order to ease the work of insurance agents and repair teams. The information from the application was sent to the agency's back-end system to be estimated by insurance specialists.

Java/J2EE, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX.

Custom Insurance Management System

Our client is a U.S. based insurance agency that helps property owners in renting their units. The company was in need of overall software solution that can automate the process of management renter's insurance requirements. Taking into consideration all the specific characters of client's business Azoft developed flexible and scalable system that lets property owners quickly prove that they have purchased a suitable insurance package.

The main challenge we faced during the development process was that the insurance industry in the U.S. is regulated on a state level and all the calculations should be made in accordance with the rates and coverage options of the particular state. Having taken that into account, Azoft specialists have developed a solution that can provide accurate estimations in many different U.S. states.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Frank Hayes

    Before employing Azoft we had an ASP model, however, some of our clients required independent programs on their own servers. The challenge to Azoft was to build our application in a way that it could be used on our clients servers without significant additional cost to our clients. They elected to use an open source database and rebuilt the entire application in months, which was a pleasant surprise since the original application was built and changed over a 7 year period.

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