CRM & Order Management

Azoft's expertise extends to the development of custom CRM & Order Management Systems and their integration with ERP and Document Management. We also routinely handle the integration of Delivery Services into comprehensive Shipping & Routing Solutions, as well as the implementation of Billing Systems for the Trade & Transport industry.


Our extensive knowledge and experience in developing Custom Transportation Systems and optimizing Logistics & Delivery Services enables us to rapidly deploy a solution for you. Utilizing either an open-source or in-house designed approach depending on your specific needs and budget requirements, we can design systems for:

  • Partners, Resellers & Delivery Management
  • Parcel Document Generation
  • Shipment Management & Routing
  • Automated Invoicing, Payments, Billing & Banking Integration
  • Auto-Scheduling of Specified Delivery & Pick-up Units/Tasks
  • Quote Management: Approvals, Discounting Policies, Pricing, etc.
  • Integrated Mapping (displaying a parcel's route on a map)
  • Order Monitoring: Cash Flow Acceleration, Order Processing Time Reduction
  • Integration of CRM, ERP, Warehousing, and Third-Party Software
  • Customer Self-Service Customer Order & Delivery Information Access
  • Flexible Price Management (price comparison between several logistics carriers)

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We can usually put together a free technical proposal and cost estimate within 1 to 2 business days. Our engineers can work from either your provided project specifications or existing plans to establish a comprehensive design that's right for you.


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