Related Case Studies

  • Cramer Integration with Other OSS/BSS Systems for Telecom Operator

    The telecom provider has a lot of existing enterprise applications which are responsible for supporting different sides/aspects of company's business processes, such as order management, network equipment reservation, document services sold to the customers, manage pools of IP addresses and so on. All those systems, one way or another, are integrated and communicating to Amdocs Cramer OSS…

  • RADIUS Accounting and Provisioning System, OSS Integration for Golden Telecom
    Different parts of the customer’s OSS were physically located in different places, so the simultaneous usage of the system’s parts, as well as keeping the entire system functional while changing the parts was quite a challenging point. Moreover, though we had to work with the system, we didn’t have an access to the customer’s security system, which means we had to work with models and emulators…
  • OSS/BSS Development, Re-engineering & Integration For Clearwire

    Azoft helped InrtaISP with development and maintenance of its OSS, CRM and Billing product line for WiMAX carriers. Later IntraISP was acquired by Clearwire and we required to provide customization and integration of products into Clearwire's B/OSS environment…

  • Service Provisioning System for Combellga ISP
    The leading Russian telecommunications services provider Combelga turned to Azoft to develop and integrate its new Service Provisioning System aimed to enable provider flexibly configure its services, provide advanced service to its customers, and reduce cost of customer care…
  • OSS Netflow Mediation for VimpelCom

    One of the largest telecommunication service providers in Russia and CIS, VimpelCom turned to Azoft to implement and deploy the new Billing Mediation OSS component…

  • OSS/BSS Data Transformation & Migration
    from Cramer 5 to 6

    A US Telecommunications Consultancy providing BSS/OSS transformations and AMDOCS Cramer data migration services to Tier-1 telecom carriers turned to Azoft to develop an automation tool for labour intensive data validation procedure…

  • Network Inventory OSS Data Migration

    Our responsibility was Network Inventory part. Operator used Amdocs Cramer suite and several other dispersed sources to store information about its network equipment and configuration. This led to the following hurdles…

  • Android Top-up Service for Telecom Carrier

    Azoft partnered with a US-based telecom company to develop a proof-of concept mobile top-up application that was developed into a complete solution available for the telecom company's customers…

  • Backend System Development for a Telecom Operator

    The scope of the project was to develop a Blackberry application and a backend system that should help the telecom operator to estimate the quality of his service. The Blackberry application works in background sending the data about the signal quality to the back-end at a set interval of time…

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