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SIM Toolkit / Java Cards

Using SIM Application Toolkit standard, Azoft has developed a software technology to program SIM cards. Based this technology, our team was able to develop simple Java applications on SIM cards. For instance, one of the applications we developed enables access to international money transfer gateway from any mobile device.


SIM Application Toolkit offers several opportunities, such as facilitating deploying simple Java applications directly onto SIM cards. These SIM applications perform interactions with users, enhancing the user experience and providing a range of services. In addition, SIM applications may trigger the appearance of menus or simply prompt the user for data input.

  • Simple mobile phone apps  (SIM card applications). Deploying SIM applications allows subscribers of our clients to use value-added services even with very simple mobile devices.
  • ATM plastic cards programming. Java applets integrated with the ATM card could initiate custom menu based applications, store money on the card, and ensure security of banking services.


SIM applications have to go through certification with SIM-card manufacturers, which is often a challenging process. Our developers are aware of Gemalto development standards and certification requirements. Hence, we guarantee successful certification of our SIM applications.

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