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PayPal-like Solutions

For the online payment industry, we have been providing exceptional software support, development and consultation.


We are experienced in developing comprehensive web payment and office accounting software that meets the highest security, performance and reliability requirements.
  • Software Architecture Design
  • System Requirement Specification
  • Business Analysis Services
  • Prototype Development
  • Design & Integration
  • Support & Maintenance

Architecture Design

Our approach to software architecture is to separate the software into functional parts or modules. Each of these modules is responsible for a certain function like accounts. There are other modules for operations, transactions, anti-fraud, sub-accounts, gates, interfaces and others. The core module is the highly tested, safe, reliable and productive billing module.


Payment systems we develop here in Azoft are flexible and comprehensive, allowing payments via credit cards, bank account and account balances while personal financial information remains uncompromised. As a result of these requirements, our company has developed the most comprehensive and detailed specifications so that all risks are well-managed and accurate estimation can be provided.

How to start?

Upon studying your requirements (or mock-ups) our professional engineers will make a technical proposal. The estimation service is free & usually takes 1-2 business days. Email us at: info@azoft.com

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