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Healthcare Software Development

The healthcare industry relies on software solutions very heavily as most healthcare facilities have to manage a large volume of information, whether you're dealing with a simple appointment scheduling tool or a large-scale electronic medical records management system. Not to mention, most healthcare software solutions need to be integrated with billing software systems, keeping in mind insurance claims and often times complex workflow.

Taking advantage of our wide range of expertise, including ERP and CRM development, business automation, large-scare enterprise solutions, database development and integration, various server-side and web-based applications, insurance portals and other web portals, Azoft is ready to stand up to the challenge and develop a healthcare software solution of virtually and type and scale.


Using our experience and comprehensive approach to building new software solutions, we can handle anything from architecture design to development, to integration & maintenance.
  • Hospital Management Systems
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Patient Management Solutions
  • Medical Billing & Coding Software
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Practice Management System
  • Insurance Claim Management
  • Lab Information Management Systems

Featured Project

Azoft developed a mobile delivery platform for healthcare providers to collect patient data regarding prescription adherence. This solution can be used to update prescriptions and dosages, manage customer registrations, and receive reminder alerts when it comes to prescription refills.

Our client's requirement also included integration with prescription drug databases, as well as integration with health media content providers for latest news regarding interested health topics. The resulting solution is a valuable tool for both patients and healthcare providers. Not to mention, this application can be used by pharmacies to automate prescription refills and renewals.

How to start?

Based on your requirements our professional engineers will make a technical proposal. The estimation service is free & usually takes 1-2 business days.


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What Our Clients Say

  • Frank Hayes

    Before employing Azoft we had an ASP model, however, some of our clients required independent programs on their own servers. The challenge to Azoft was to build our application in a way that it could be used on our clients servers without significant additional cost to our clients. They elected to use an open source database and rebuilt the entire application in months, which was a pleasant surprise since the original application was built and changed over a 7 year period.

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