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GPS Software Development

GPS technology is implemented in different areas in order to ease day-to-day life or increase business efficiency. GPS-based solutions enable business owners to control activities of their staff, track vehicles, manage remote workforce, and much more.

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Below are some examples of our experience. Please note that many of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements and thus cannot be shown here.

Today, there is high demand for both mobile and web solutions with location-based features. Azoft team has a great experience in the development of GPS software and can provide clients with solutions suitable for their specific needs.


Mobile City Game with Location-Based Features

Our client from Belgium had an idea of developing an innovative GPS-based mobile city game. Azoft team was requested to take up technical part of the process. Our specialists built a mobile application and successfully integrated it with back-end system. The application generates maps of gaming area on the screen and sends GPS data from mobile device to the server. The processing module receives data from participant's phones and sends them notifications of game events.

The application supports extensive maps and enables organizers to define the game areas to set the limits for the participants. The final product possesses user-friendly interface and can be used on all most popular mobile phones.

Technologies: iOS, Android, XML, JSON, MySQL, GPS, Google Maps API.

Application Suite for Submitting Points of Interest

The application was developed by Azoft on request of leading provider of geographic information system (GIS) software. Mobile application allows user to submit positions of points of interest manually or automatically. Data is sent to the server to be processed and stored. The information received from mobile devices is available through web-based interface.

Azoft team developed mobile applications for Android and Windows Phone platforms. Applications were integrated with remote server and supported Google Maps. The core application can be modified to deal with different business objects such as tracking delivery personnel or other remote staff.

Technologies: Android, Windows Phone, MySQL, JSON, Google Maps API, XML, GPS.
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  • Edward J. Forman

    I take great pleasure in describing my experiences with Azoft. I have been managing web development teams for over 35 years, some as direct employee teams and some as outside teams, and the team Azoft provided is clearly among the best I have ever used.

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