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Android apps are gaining popularity at an impressive rate. Now that Android is the most widespread mobile operating system in the world, developing an Android app has become a must in order to extent mobile presence and reach large numbers of mobile users.

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Selected Projects

Oil Selector Application for Android

Android mobile solution for one of the world's leading lubricant suppliers helps people choose a retail lubricant that best matches their equipment specifications be it industrial/agricultural machinery or auto vehicles.
The application needed to work smoothly on all Android devices sincluding even low-end models running Android 2.3.

"Thanks to you and your development team for producing a superb app that lives on both iOS and Android and proves how versatile the PhoneGap platform can truly be. I look forward to working on more collaborative projects with Azoft in the near future.", Kaustav Bhattacharya

Oil Selector Mobile App for Leading Oil Supplier
Food Ordering Mobile Application
Healthy Food Ordering Application

This application was developed for a company that provides healthy, organic, locally-produced foods to be delivered to customers' homes. The application has many useful features to make customer's experience more personalized.

Users can shop from their previous orders, browse their favorite foods, and even get recommendations on healthy food choices. In addition, it allows users to choose time slots for delivery and quickly contact customer service representatives to ask questions.

Money Transfer Service for Android Phones

Android app for a leading financial services provider in the United Stated. This application allows Android users to send money transfers not only within the U.S., but also internationally, directly from their mobile devices without having to go to a bank.

Using this application, customers can easily set-up a mobile wallet and then send money to the recipients' mobile wallets. Other features include: viewing transaction history, checking current wallet balance, finding bank locations, and more. The app was developed with particular emphasis on security in order to protect sensitive user data.

International Money Transfer Mobile App
Android Coupon Application
Android Coupon Application

The application was developed for an international retail company and it provides customers with mobile discount coupons, special offers and interactive media content. Users can then scan the coupons at certain stores to purchase products at a discounted price. In addition to providing coupons, this Android application also has social features, allowing users to share coupons with friends using the built-in messaging system.

Furthermore, customers can use the application to finding the nearest stores that accept mobile coupons and locate such stores on a map. Users can also receive updates with new offers that are displayed as a news feed.

Mobile Location-aware Printing App

The application is a powerful and easy way to print from Android phones and tablets at public locations that use PrintMe Cloud service: hotels, airports, and office superstores. It also allows to print over WiFi to any local network printer.

With this app printing web pages and uploading documents from email is fast and convenient. Thanks to integration with Location Based Service users instantly get directions to the nearest printers. The application supports the most popular cloud storage and document reader apps.

Mobile Location-aware Printing App
Social-Networking App for Sharing Plans
Social-Networking App for Sharing Plans

HopHop is a mobile social network developed by Azoft. HopHop app allows users to quickly and easily share their plans and ideas with friends, stay up-to-date with their friends' plans, as well as discover interesting events that are happening nearby.

HopHop has many features to make it easier for users to get people together. For example, users can create an event or simply propose an idea and invite friends to either join the discussion. Every event can be customized with a unique color or background image. The app is integrated with several major social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, VK), so users can invite friends that aren't yet part of the HopHop network.

On-demand Car Booking System

This project was completed for an American company that specializes in charter transportation services. The Android app is part of an innovative car-booking system that allows passengers to book, track, and pay for luxury transportation services online or directly from their mobile devices.

The app is used by both passengers and car drivers. Passengers can easily order and track the location of vehicles using their iPhones. At the same time, drivers of the network can instantly receive and accept service requests using their mobile devices.

On-demand Car Booking System
Cross-platform Dealer Locator Application
Code Report Finder for Android

Being one of the largest international manufacturer of structural connecting systems for wood, steel, masonry, concrete, and composite wood building construction, Simpson Strong-Tie operates an enormous database of products. They needed to provide its customer-facing staff with a simple and fast way to dig through all that information and retrieve the required report within seconds.

This nice Code Report Finder app solves the task. It enables engineer to search for a needed report providing as input part of product name or series. Engineers can travel and not always have network connection, thus, the app supports offline mode.

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