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An overwhelming number of internet users today rely on social media for communication. Facebook is one of the most notable social networking services worldwide that provides not only a means to communicate but also a powerful platform for business to market their products and services.

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To take full advantage of social media, go beyond creating a simple fan page. Develop a custom social media application to provide a fun and memorable user experience for prospective and existing customers.

PHP, HTML5, Open Graph, Graph API, Facebook Connect API.

Quiz & Trivia Facebook App for Travel Agency

A European travel agency subcontracted Azoft to develop an engaging Facebook app to attract more visitors to the company's fan page. The app offers several travel-related quizzes for the agency's fans on Facebook. For example, Facebook users can take a quiz to determine which travel destination would provide an ideal vacation experience, whether it is a relaxing beach getaway or an active skiing trip.

In addition, the app offers sweepstakes where fans can enter to win a free vacation package. Within a week after the app was launched, it generated hundreds of "likes" and over a thousand visits to our client's Facebook page.

HTML5, Open Graph, Graph API, Facebook Connect API, PHP.

Interactive Facebook App for Cosmetics Store Chain

We developed an engaging Facebook app for a popular cosmetics store chain based in the U.S. The app allows fans, prospects, and existing customers to choose which products would work best for their individual skin type and color. Essentially, the app suggests new products to Facebook users, depending on their individual skin characteristics.

In addition, Facebook users can enter their email address to receive special offers and discounts, taking into account their individual preferences and which product lines might fit them best. A result, this application has become an effective marketing tool for our client.


Here are just several examples of projects we have successfully completed. Please note that many of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements and thus cannot be shown here.

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