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Azoft offers web-based bulk email software providing everything you need to make mass email sending a fast and easy process.


Our solution's features will help you build and maintain strong relationships with your customers in a highly professional manner. The solution provides many useful tools to make your email campaign as effective as possible.
  • Manage Contacts: When it comes to marketing via email, your customers are what it's all about. Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on our contact management features. You can create as many contact lists as you wish, import contacts, and organize contact-related data in a way that's most convenient for you.
  • Tracking & Reports: After sending your email, you can access real-time reports and statistics to track the success of your email campaign. The reports serve to inform you how many email messages were received, opened, forwarded, or marked as spam. In addition, you can view click-through statistics and take a look at trends using graphs and tables.
  • HTML Templates: To create you email, you may choose from a number of HTML email templates, or you can easily create your own layout by clicking and dragging images, text boxes or any other objects included in your email. Moreover, you can customize the fonts, sizes, and colors to match the style of your organization or include your company's logo in the email.
  • Social Media Marketing: Marketing via social networks has proven to be extremely effective and our solution takes that into account. You can integrate your email with social media by inserting sharing buttons into your email so that you recipients can post your newsletter to their profiles. You can also add a Facebook 'Like' button to you emails.
  • Targeted Mailing Lists: Azoft's solution also offers advanced features such as list segmentation, which enables targeting your email to different groups of customers. In other words, you can choose to send you emails to customers based on location, age, gender, or their purchasing history. Using this feature can make your email campaigns very effective.
  • Autoresponders: This feature allows for scheduling automatic emails to be sent in intervals or on certain dates. For example, you may wish to send welcome emails to new subscribers, or perhaps send birthday or anniversary emails that include special birthday offers.
  • Sign-Up Forms: Our bulk email tool enables you to place sign-up forms in email and social media sites. Potential customers could use these forms to sign up for special offers and newsletters. Those who chose to fill out these forms are automatically added to your contact lists.
  • Image Hosting: We provide image hosting services to make it easier for you to include various visuals in your emails. Store up to 5MB of images at no addition cost. The images hosted with our solutions can be easily organized and then easily be dragged and dropped to be included in your layout. You can also resize the images to ensure that your email look great.
  • Spam Check: To ensure the highest possible delivery rate, our Spam Check feature can evaluate the email you created and detect spam-like material. More specifically, the feature looks at words that might cause spam filters to block your email.


Azoft is always open to partnerships. If you are a company wishing to host your own email marketing service, we can customize our solution based on your requirements. For more information please email us at


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