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Azoft has developed a ready CRM solution, which can serve as a great tool for your company to handle relationships with sales prospects and existing clients.


Our solution is designed for companies wishing to maintain quality relationships with their customers. Moreover, Azoft CRM solution will tie together the sales, marketing and customer care departments within your organization.
  • Generate Leads: A key feature to any CRM solution is the ability to create leads and easily manage them thereafter. For this reason, Azoft developers have put in a lot of emphasis on this feature. You can generate leads by several methods, such as filling out a form manually, importing leads from another source, or automatically capture leads using an online form filled our by potential clients.
  • Manage Contacts: All contact information can be easily stored, edited, customized, and retrieved using our contact management system. Large volumes of data pertaining to contacts can be securely stored and organized within our database. You can access and view contact history or quickly create and print mailing labels if you wish. Our contact management feature works great for both B2B and B2C interactions.
  • Manage Sales Opportunity: In order to maximize revenue, the most time and effort should be devoted to working with customers showing the highest potential. By tracking sales life-cycles, our solution enables sales specialists to analyze which customers have the most potential.
  • Create Sales Quotes: We understand that certain expenses vary, therefore some businesses cannot provide price-lists upfront and may need to generate sales quotes for individual customers. Estimating prices and creating quotes is a simple process when using Azoft CRM. Moreover, this feature allows generating printer-friendly quotes that are customized according to you organization's characteristics.
  • Organize Marketing Campaigns: This tool is very helpful for planning and carrying out marketing campaigns. It allows marketing specialists to outline their objectives and pinpoint the goals they want to achieve with each campaign. Furthermore, you can track how many potential customers responded to your campaigns and how many of these eventually became your clients.
  • Sales & Marketing Reports: Azoft CRM offers reports generation, which is another great way to analyze the performance of your sales and marketing practices. You can also visualize the data by generating various types of graphs and charts (pie charts, bar graphs, etc.)
  • Customer Support Tools: Our solution offers great tools for your company's Help Desk agents. Our case management system enables tracking any of your customers' complaints or trouble tickets. It makes sure that the right cases are routed to the proper specialist to be handled as smoothly as possible.
  • Manage Inventory: Azoft CRM takes into account that inventory information should be readily accessible to sales and marketing personnel. Using our software you can organize and customize orders, work with product catalogs, access information pertaining to prices, and create printer-friendly invoices taking into account any adjustments that may affect the total price (taxes, discounts, etc.)


If necessary, we will customize Azoft CRM Solution based on your requirements, and you can use it under your company brand. For more information please email us at


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