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CQ5 is an elaborate web content management system by Adobe. CQ5 Web Content Management is part of Adobe CQ Digital Marketing Suite, which also includes Digital Asset Management, Marketing Campaign Management, and more.

Related Case Studies

Below are some examples of our experience. Please note that many of our projects are protected by nondisclosure agreements and thus cannot be shown here.

Generally speaking, Adobe CQ5 technology is used by very large corporations to manage website content and conduct marketing campaigns.

CQ5 WCM, Java Content Repository (JCR), Apache Felix.

CQ5 Content Management System for International Website

Azoft was subcontracted to participate in a CQ5 customization project for a European automobile manufacturer's website. We developed one of several interactive promo applications for our client's website and integrated it with the CQ5 content management system.

The resulting content management system makes it possible to easily change website content (including multimedia content), add new web components, and even manage targeted marketing campaigns. Most importantly, all of this can be done in over 25 different languages and web domains.

CQ5 WCM, Java Content Repository (JCR), Apache Sling, Apache Felix.

CMS Customization for European Energy Supplier

A group of Azoft developers took part in a large-scale CQ5 project for a European gas and electricity supplier. Even though the client was already using CQ5 Web Content Management at the time, they were not taking full advantage of mobile-optimized websites to promote their services.

We helped customize several existing CMS modules and worked on the development of a new functionality. As a result, the company's website administrators and marketing department specialists have all the necessary tools to easily convert web content into mobile-optimized experience.

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