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Questions & Answers

In this section you can find FAQs about job opportunities in Azoft. If you didnt find the answer for your question, you can contact our HR department.

What specialists does the company need?

Typically, we recruit top-notch specialists. However, we also welcome talented students and recent graduates, willing to enhance their knowledge and skills. You are welcome to send us your resume even if we don’t have a particular position at the moment. We hire well-trained developers, project managers, IT-analysts, system architects, as well as specialists in marketing and sales.

What are your working hours?

We have flexible schedule options, but there are fixed hours when you are to be at work. That is between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM. The majority of our employees have a work schedule that begins after 11:00AM and ends before 8:00PM.


How do you check candidates’ proficiency level?

For the candidates who are applying for a developer’s position we offer a test work, or you will be asked to give an example of the code written by you. Yet, we have an individual approach to every candidate.


What are the prospects of the career growth?

Azoft supports employees in the development of their career, but much depends on your performance. Generally it takes 2-3 years to move to the next level. Azoft lays much emphasis on action learning, coaching and mentoring by leaders of the company.


What level of English is required?

Most of Azoft's clients are English speakers. Therefore, we value good level of English, both written and spoken. Our employees have an opportunity to attend English lessons and master the language. Some positions have specific requirements for English proficiency.


In what language can I apply to Azoft?

It depends on the position you are applying to. If it requires high level of English proficiency, then you are welcome to submit your resume in English. Otherwise, you can send us your resume in Russian.

Can I apply if there is no open position?

If there is no specific position, you are always welcome to send us your resume. As soon as we have a suitable vacancy, we will get in contact with you. The more information you can provide on your application, the easier it will be for hiring managers to assess your qualifications for their position.

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