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Management Team

Ivan Ozhiganov, COO

Ivan Ozhiganov

COO, Founder
Expert in custom software development for telecommunications, wireless, finance, transportation and insurance domains. He has extensive experience in project management and business development in the field of custom software. His professional talent is to understand the partner's needs, discuss with the development team, and manage the entire process to achieve partner’s goals more efficiently. Ivan graduated from Novosibirsk State University with specialization in Computer Science, later received MBA in Open University.
Revaz P. Bukhradze, Senior Vice President

Revaz P. Bukhradze

Senior Vice President, Finance and Healthcare (US West Coast)
Revaz is an expert in collaboration between Business and IT. He helps Azoft to become the IT partner for businesses in the USA. He has extensive experience with financial institutions, especially the banking sector. His professional talent is shown in his strategic planning and execution both in IT and business areas, his understanding of project management principles and his ability to apply IT to solve business problems. Revaz graduated from the Harvard Business School and the Stockholm School of Economics.
Michael Sidorov, Head of Sales

Michael Sidorov

Head of Sales

Michael first joined Azoft in 2008 as an IT consultant and within the next several years was promoted to Head of Sales Division. Not only is he an expert in sales and business development, he is also a seasoned IT consultant for telecom, GIS, transportation & logistics industries. During his career at Azoft, Michael worked with major telecom providers in Australia, Europe, North America, and Russia. His areas of expertise include OSS/BSS, network inventory, Amdocs Cramer, order management, and more.
Ludmila Kurtasova, CFO

Ludmila Kurtasova


I have more than 10 years experience as a manager in financial services and accounting. My previous experience includes working with the construction of financial models, budgeting, planning, and formulation of management accounting. My strength lies in analytical thinking with intuition, flexibility, and innovation. I am responsible and constantly develop myself through additional training. I’ve taken the Ernst & Young courses of Financial Analysis I: tools and their application, and Financial Analysis II: valuation of the company's efficiency. I’ve successfully passed the exam and have a certificate of a professional accountant. (Certificate of Professional Accountant № 251946 at 12.12.2012.). I also successfully passed the exam in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR in Russian, number 1767704 at 09.12.2010).
Oleg Likhachev, Head of Server-Side Development

Oleg Likhachev

Head of Server-Side Development
Oleg has been an indispensable member of Azoft team since the company was founded. His experience includes 10 years as a Java developer, over 5 years in system architecture, and more than 3 years in project management. He participated in development of complex, highly productive systems for finance, telecom, transportation, and many other industries. Oleg also consults Azoft customers in server-side architecture for various types of systems. He graduated from NSU in 2002.
Alexei Kiselev, Head of Mobile Division

Alexei Kiselev

Head of Mobile Development
As Head of Mobile Division, Alexei Kiselev successfully manages several mobile development groups (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.) to provide the best possible quality of code, minimize project risks, and deliver exceptional mobile apps to Azoft clients. Together with his team, Alexei has released dozens of high-quality mobile apps for different mobile platforms. Alexei graduated from Novosibirsk State University with a specialty in Information Technologies.
Maxim Vedenev, Head of R&D

Maxim Vedenev

Head of R&D Department

Maxim is highly experienced in the field of technical computing. He has completed a variety of research projects and gained hands-on experience with different programming languages.
Maxim has Master's degree in Physics. He is able to find innovative solutions for unusual, nonstandard challenges. His expertise is highly diversified, including computer vision, machine learning, and physics simulations. Maxim always keeps up-to-date with recent developments in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics.
Evgeniya Shpilnaya, Head of Business Analysis

Evgeniya Shpilnaya

Head of Business Analysis & UI/UX Design
For over 5 years, Evgeniya has worked in the software industry as a technical writer, business analyst, and project manager. She believes that the most valuable qualities for a business analyst is attention to detail, effective time management, and the ability to see a problem from the client's point of view. Those are the main principles she follows when leading her team and choosing new team members. Evgeniya regularly participates in various IT conferences in order to advance in her field.
Julia Gurina, Head of QA Division

Julia Gurina

Head of QA Division
Having graduated from Novosibirsk State Technical University in 2013 with a degree in system management automation, Julia first came to Azoft as a QA engineer. During the next few years, Julia gained valuable experience in the field of testing automation, quickly advanced in her career, and became the head of QA Division. Her priorities are to work on improving the quality of Azoft's end products, establishing efficient communication between QA team and other divisions of the company, and advancing her team as a whole, as well as each member individually.
Inga Rakityanskaya, Head of Marketing

Inga Rakityanskaya

Head of Marketing

I have more than nine years of successful experience in the marketing area which includes building lines of communications in B2B and B2C businesses. I’m confident that the benefit of is in the possibility to use advertising, public relations and sales tools. At Azoft I’m responsible for the marketing strategy and developing tactics as well as building a feedback connection with clients.
Varvara Plotnikova, Head of HR

Varvara Plotnikova

Head of HR

I have more than 12 years experience in the field of HR management, which includes 5 years in positions of top managers in different industries: the financial sector, production, telecommunications and information technology. I’ve graduated from Moscow State University of Design and Technology (MSUDT) majoring in management and economics. I also graduated the Presidential program of management training, with the specialization: management of personnel. I have experience in implementing large-scale federal projects, as well as experience in setting up and running business processes from scratch in the field of HR management. I believe that the main value of the company are people, and the company's success depends on the level of involvement and professionalism of its workforce.

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